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Equilibrium Chemistry


What is the pressure of the C2H5OH vapor at 650k before it decomposes?

92.5kj + C2H5OH<->H2+CO +CH4 A 15.50-gram sample of C2H5OH liquid is placed into a 4.50-liter flask and heated to 650.0 k. The sample is vaporized, and then begins to decompose. What is the... more
Equilibrium Chemistry


What is the equilibrium reaction for stomach acid (can be with food or medicine)?

I am doing an assessment and need to find a correlation between stomach acidity and medicine and then relate this to an equilibrium reaction / constant. If anyone has any ideas would be extremely... more
Equilibrium Chemistry University


Equilibrium Question

Consider the reaction: A(aq) ---> 3B(aq) Kc= 1.28x10^-6 at 500KIf a 2.70M sample of A is heated to 500K, what is the concentration of B at equilibrium?
Equilibrium Physics Gravity


When a ball is tossed straight up, does it experience momentary equilibrium at top of its path?

This question has been asked many times all over the Internet and answers can be found on places such as yahoo and, but I'm not satisfied with those answers and I don't trust the validity... more
Equilibrium Chemistry


which of the following statements are true about equilibrium systems?

 True False  For the following reaction at equilibrium:                      CaCO3(s) ⇌ CaO(s) + CO2(g)                      adding more CaCO3 will shift the equilibrium to the... more
Equilibrium Chemistry


What is the pressure of BrCl in an equilibrium mixture of Cl2, Br2, and BrCl if the pressure of Cl2 in the mixture is 0.115 atm and the pressure of Br2 in the mixture is 0.450 atm?

What is the pressure of BrCl in an equilibrium mixture of Cl2, Br2, and BrCl if the pressure of Cl2 in the mixture is 0.115 atm and the pressure of Br2 in the mixture is 0.450 atm? Kc=4.7*10^-2
Equilibrium Chemistry


Chemistry Reaction Equilibrium help??

0.7 mol of A(g), 0.5 mil of B(g), 0.4 mol of C(g) and 0.9 mol of D(g) were placed in a one litre vessel and allowed to come to equilibrium according to the following equation : A(g) + B(g) ⇔ C(g) +... more
Equilibrium Physics Ap Physics


Torque Problem (Door)

Question: Two children push on opposite sides of a door during play. Both push horizontally and perpendicular to the door. One child pushes with a force of 17.5 N at a distance of 0.600 m from the... more
Equilibrium Chemistry Catalyst


Are the following aspects of a catalyzed reaction different from the uncatalyzed reaction?

Are these aspects different in a catalyzed reaction?1. The mechanism2. ΔE rxn3. The overall equation


Equilibrium question

Consider the reaction N2O4 (g)---------2NO2 (g).(reversible). If 0.2 is the degree of disassociation , starting with 2.0 moles of N2O4 , the total number of moles at equilibrium would be?


Equilibrium question

Te disassociation equilibrium of a gas AB2 can be represented as: 2AB2(g)---------2AB(g) + B2(g) . The degree of disassociation is 'x' and is small compared to 1. The expression relating the degree... more


how is Fe{3+} affected when you ADD HPO4{2+}?

Solution: Fe{3+}(aq) + SCN{-}(aq) —> Fe(SCN){2+}(aq)I know that the color gets clear when you add HPO4{2+}, but I don’t know why.
Equilibrium Chemistry Solubility


What is the maximum concentration of silver ions that can be present in a 2.0 x 10^-3 M sodium chloride solution?

How would this question be approached? 
Equilibrium Chemistry


Hb(aq) + O 2(g) ↔ HbO 2(aq)

I am asked to write an equilibrium expression, and to include the term pO2 for the oxygen gas term. 


Calculating constant equilibrium

how do you calculate the constant equilibrium if what's known is ONLY the initial concentration of cC and dD aka the products.    Using the ice table how do you determine what the Keq if the... more
Equilibrium Chemistry


equilibrium shift using haber process

Using the Haber process (produces NH3 from Nitrogen and hydrogen gas) give 2 situations which would shift the equilibrium to the right and give 2 examples/situations which would shift the... more
Equilibrium Enzyme Kinetics


Why is the Kd equation Kd=Koff/Kon instead of K=Kon/Koff?

Lets say a general equation for enzymes is E+S<-->ES<-->E+P, and an expression for the Kd of the enzyme is Kd=[E]+[S]/[ES]. Most K expressions are [Products]/[Reactants], right? In the... more


Can an irreversible reaction be a reversible reaction

Can a reversible reaction be an irreversible reaction and an irreversible reaction be a reversible reaction


I have doubt in derivation of the relation between Ka and Kb in ionic equilibrium topic

While deriving the relation between Ka and Kb in ionic equilibrium topic, say I take an example of NH4+ + H2O ----> NH3 + H3O+ ......(1)Ka of this reaction is : [NH3][H3O+]/[NH4+][H2O]Now NH3 is... more
Equilibrium Chemistry



4 moles of PCl5 are heated in a closed container of 4 dm3 container at 400 k. At equilibrium, 50% of PCl5 is dissociated. What is the value of Kc for the dissociation of PCl5 into PCl3 and Cl2 at... more


equilibrium of turning moments


Why doesn't NaCl and HCl have the same effect on an equilibrium reaction

Recently in my AP Chem class we did a simple reaction demonstrating equilibrium: [Co(H2O)6]2+(aq)(pink) + 4Cl-(aq) <--> [CoCl4]2-(aq)(blue) + 6H2O(l) (in an ethanol solution). The reaction... more
Equilibrium Chemistry Constant


How do I calculate the equilibrium constant from Delta G?

Carbon disulfide is a foul-smelling solvent that dissolves sulfur and other nonpolar substances. It can be made be made by heating sulfur in an atmosphere of methane.For the reaction below, Delta... more
Equilibrium Chemistry Moles


How do I work out the molarity and equilibrium constant using moles of reactants?

The equation is C2H5OH(aq) + CH3CO2H(aq) ? CH3CO2C2H5(aq) + H2O(l)   Moles of ethanol: 0.0747 Moles of ethanoic acid: 0.0112   amount of ethanol used in experiment: 4cm3 amount of ethanoic... more

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