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How were the first American citizens granted citizenship?

When the US declared itself independent in 1776, did it simply consider all people (of a certain demographic) already living in the US citizens? Or did these people have to apply to become citizens... more


How was the British invasion into the US successful in the War of 1812?

My friend and I are from Britain and we were discussing which country was the least likely to ever see a successful invasion attempt. We reached the conclusion that the United States was simply the... more


Why was it necessary to maintain a balance of power between the Slave and Free states?

As said in the title, why was there a need to maintain the balance of power between the Slave states and Free States by keeping them equal in number, before the American Civil War? Both the Clay... more
United States


50 states and capitals

the state capital is always the city with the largest population in the state.
United States Security Council


why North Korea hates America?

Would like to know why North Korea is developing and testing nuclear weapons. Just have heard it's because they feel intimidated by the USA so that's why they're developing this stuff. But I do... more
United States History


describe and discuss the ways in which Andrew Jackson both advanced and obstructed "democracy" as President of the United States.

what his supporters liked about his policies, what his opponents disliked about his policies, and the overall effect of his policies on the nation.


What was the total income of everyone in the United States?

In 2003 the population of the Unites States was 291 million people. The per-capita income was $31,459. What was the total income of everyone in the United States? Express you answer in scientific... more
United States History Cold War Us History


How did the Cold War change in the 1950s and 1960s?

How did the Cold War change in the 1950s and 1960s?   Who  was more responsible for the failure to achieve peace between the two superpowers -- the United States or the Soviet Union? Why

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