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Hello. I have an APUSH question:

Could the American people have won their independence without George Washington and the small, professional Continental Army? Why have the myths of the militiamen and the part-time citizen-soldiers... more
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Can someone help me write a brief story using these word

Profiteering treasonloyalists cannonade column regimentguerillasmugglingrebelsecrecy repealpreamblearchive disguise
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Was there any distinction between the 13 Colonies and the Canadian provinces prior to the American Revolution?

Was there any distinction between the 13 Colonies that became the United States and the Canadian colonies/provinces prior to the American Revolution? For example, did New Brunswick and New... more


Was the concept of religious freedom in the early United States applied to native American faiths?

Did native religions come up at all when the United States was adopting religious freedom into its fundamental laws? Did America's Founding Fathers or their contemporaries consider Native Americans... more


What problems did the United States faced after becoming independent?

What problems did the United States faced after becoming independent? Did any other countries after World War 2 face the same problems? I have been able to find some problems that the United States... more
American Revolution


All of the following played a major role in the colonists eventually winning the American Revolution EXCEPT

A. their familiarity with the American geography B. their immediate access to weapons and other supplies C. their alliances with European nations D. their unification through shared ideas and... more
American Revolution


which was not a battle in the american revolution?

I would like to know what event was not a battle duing the american revolution.
American Revolution


How did Howe and St. Leger fail?

i do not know the answer to this question.
American Revolution


the hms ? arrive in charlestown with tea on december 2 which year

i need this question because im having a very hard time to get these last few answers for notes

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