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How did Thomas Jefferson's time in France influence his views of women?

Jefferson seemed to believe for some time that women were consigned to domestic duties while men were tasked food, shelter, protection, public debate, and politics. He went so far, in 1816, to... more


Could Thomas Jefferson have ever heard Mozart's Symphony No. 40, KV. 550?

I've been reading some of Jefferson's writing on music theory, and given his perspective and his love for Mozart's music, I think the [Symphony No. 40, KV. 550] would be so astounding to... more

When did the First Barbary War start?

I am reading about the First Barbary War from both Swedish and American perspective. I have [what I believe to be a very reliable source in... more

What developments in Jefferson's life caused him to withdraw from the topic of slavery in political discourse?

Where Jefferson once saw slavery as the central flaw in Virginia, a sentiment he forcibly expressed in his *Notes on the State of Virginia*, he later “began to adjust his thinking to concentrate... more


What was a major theme of Thomas Jefferson's inaugural address

The Jefferson era form A

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