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What is the present worth of the depreciation tax held?

Company A purchases $200,000 of equipment in year zero. It decides to use straight-line depreciation over the expected 20 years life of the equipment. The interest rate is 14%. If its average tax... more
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Question about property tax

There are four people on a deed. Two of them were already on there before our mother died. When she died myself and my niece were added as the will stated. Now that the property taxes are coming up... more


Accounting question

MR. ABC acquired his business for P3 million. The Fair Market value of the business is P5 million. Will it be more useful if accounting records were adjusted corresponding to the fair market value... more
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Are the LT capital gains tax rates based off gross income or AGI?

Say a single filer has 2019 wages of $50,000 and LT capital gains of $10,000. Would I use $60,000 to determine my capital gains tax rate or $47,800 ($60,000 less the 2019 standard deduction)? I... more
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What tax form scheduale can be used for MACRS

·       If I have assets placed in service before 2019 on Form 4562, line 17. What Supporting Schedule can be used to show the depreciation?
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How much of this is gross income? Does it pass the all event test?

In November of 2019, the corporation entered into a contract with a major retailer to provide $1,000,000 worth of product in 2020. The company was paid the full 1,000,000 in December 2019 but will... more
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Tax information

Good Afternoon,I am a nonprofit program coordinator and our organization has been using Wyzant to assist some of our members with online tutorial services. For tax purposes, should we obtain a w-9... more


Restaurant revenue- Credit 1,000Cost of restaurant revenue- Debit 200Telephone expenses- Debit 100Cash- Debit 500Accounts Receiveable- Debit150Supplies Inventory-Debit 20LAnd- Debit 200Building,... more

Hi! Please help me define some accounting terms

a more descriptive title for the balance sheet another name for income statement 2 synonyms for the owner's equity What is the function of an income statement What is the function of a balance... more
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What is 'fiscal personality'?

i have to answer a question for a school discussion board and the questiion is What is the tax personality of the graphic designer, when carrying out a project?
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Sam is making his 1st Registered Retirement Savings Plan contribution.he wants to calculate its max and his 2019 personal income tax return ?

It is February 13, 2020 and Sam just turned 18 year’s old (resident of Quebec). He has been working part-time since he was 16 year’s old and is looking at making his first Registered Retirement... more
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2019 tax payable

Max finished his PhD and graduated from university in December 2018. He entered the workforce on January 1, 2019 with a gross salary of $85,000 plus an immediate $5,000 signing bonus when he... more
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How to find the tax

Find last years salary if, after a 2% pay raise, this years salary is $31,110

A fixed asset with a cost of $30,000 and accumulated depreciation of $27,500 is sold for $3,500. What is the amount of the gain or loss on disposal of the fixed asset?

 A. $3,500 gain B. $1,000 gain C. $1,000 loss D. $2,500 loss C. $3,500 loss D. $2,500 gain
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What is Nexus, in relation to sales tax?

Does it have any effect on foreign commerce? State between state?


General journal entry for Value-added tax in transaction.

Prepare general journal entry to record the below transaction. Round off all amounts to the nearest whole number.The Seed Factory (Pty) Ltd is a company that makes and distributes all types of food... more
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Advise Emma of the capital gain tax (CGT) consequences of her transitions. Ignore indexation

Emma has provided to you a listing of the transactions she has undertaken throughout the financial year to assist you in completing her 2015 income tax return. Sale of a block of land for... more
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How to calculate tax

If at 139,0007€, the tax burden is 35000€. What is the tax if at 122,000€
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How do I answer this?

Several years ago, Ned Stark borrowed $250,000 from the Bank of the Seven Kingdoms and used it to buy an apartment building. Mr. Stark, very busy visiting Winterfell, has not been able to rent any... more
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I need some help figuring this out...

Troy Acheman is a sports caster for Everyone’s Sports Presentations Nightly. While Troy was covering a professional football game from the sideline, the Birds famous wide receiver, Harry Race, ran... more
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if the property tax on a $149500 home is $3860, what is the tax on a $175000 home

Tax Accounting


Is there a calculator formula for what to charge my customer if i know sales tax and Total?X.

Is there a calculator formula for figuring out what to charge the customer($_) if i know SalesTax and Grand Total?Initial. Sales. Grandcharge($_._ _) + tax ... more

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