Asked • 05/30/19

Determiners in English sentence vs. plurals, singulars and zero determiners. Is it ok to say?

Do I need any determiners in the sentence below in general statement? - Strong winds destroy homes. Is it ok to say in English in specific situation? - The strong wind destroyed the homes in North Carolina. I mean mostly the determiners in this sentence. These are specific questions I am asking about. I couldn't find wider explanation of zero determiner and when it applies vs. prulars and singulars.

Laura L.

Hello! Both sentences that you wrote are correct. They have different meanings. The first sentence, "Strong winds destroy homes," is a general sentence. Strong winds (in general) destroy homes (in general). No determiners are needed. Your second sentence is correct as well. The strong wind (referring to a specific, known strong wind) destroyed the homes (again, specific homes) in North Carolina. A wider explanation about determiners + plurals/singulars is complex because you also have to consider count/noncount nouns (for example, "Cats like milk"). I hope this is helpful! Schedule a lesson with me and we can practice this and other areas of the English language! I help students not only understand the grammar but also speak fluently. I work hard to make lessons fun and interesting.


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Roland S. answered • 05/30/19

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