Asked • 05/29/19

Differences between "very" and "very much" as adjective modifiers?

The following examples are clearly wrong: > × I am very much tired > × She is very much clever But the following sounds fine (at least according to [OALD]( > I am very much afraid that ... > I am very much aware of ... Worse, the following sounds awkward to me: > × I am very aware of ... I wonder some sound ok while the others do not. Does it have to do with the type of adjectives being used? Or is there a subtle nuance between "very" and "very much"? Is "very much" the same as "extremely" (I would guess not, at least in the "afraid" example)? When should/can one use "very much", as opposed to "very"? Are there differences between spoken and written uses?

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Elaine B. answered • 06/02/19

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