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Microsoft Word 2013 Microsoft Word


Remove padding from table cells in Microsoft Word 2013?

I am working on a Word document written by someone else and am trying to remove some padding from table cells. - I right click on the table and go to 'Table Properties'. In the 'Row' table, I... more
Microsoft Word 2013 Shapes Pictures Microsoft Word


How to group a picture and a shape in Word 2013?

How to group a picture and a shape/text box in Microsoft Word 2013? I have discovered that I can't group pictures as well. Does "Group" command concerned with grouping shapes only? Are there any... more
Microsoft Word 2013 Microsoft Word Mail Merge


Remove mail merge data source from MS Word Document?

I am using Microsoft Word 2013.I have a document that, when opened, prompts me with:> Opening this document will run the following SQL command: > SELECT * FROM C:\\somepath\\somefile.mrg ... more
Microsoft Word 2013 Outline Microsoft Word


Is there a way to save a Microsoft Word document so that it automatically opens in outline view?

I have a Word document (it's a task list) that I always read and edit in outline view. Is there a way to tell Word that so that the document always defaults to outline view when it is opened?

How can I set the orientation of a single page in a multi-page document in Word 2007-2010?

How can I rotate (or insert) a single page into an Office Word document that is oriented differently that the other pages? I know this can be done. I've seen it done in Word 2003 and older... more
Microsoft Word 2013 Microsoft Word


Word 2013 showing two pages side by side?

All of a sudden Word started displaying 2 pages side by side in one window. I tried changing the zoom and it didn't affect anything. How can I go back to seeing 1 page at a time?
Microsoft Word 2013 Microsoft Word


Numbers for Referencing Review Comments in Word?

It appears Microsoft turned off auto-numbering of comments in Word 2013. So when going to Review in the ribbon and adding a "New Comment" there is no way to identify the comment when discussing... more
Microsoft Word 2013 Microsoft Word Microsoft Visio


Add specific page of Visio diagram into Word document?

I've got a Visio 2010 document that has multiple pages, with one workflow on each page. I'm trying to insert each of the workflows into a word 2013 document. I'm trying to do it as a direct link so... more
Microsoft Word 2013 Caption Microsoft Word


Change default style of a caption in Word?

When inserting a figure or table, you can add a caption. It has some default styling that you can edit in the Quick Styles pane. By default in Word 2013 this is a 9pt italic font. Unfortunately,... more

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