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Circles Math


Diameter, Area, Circlular - Math word problem - PLEASE HELP

Farmer Brown is prepping his circular garden for the new spring / summer season of vegetables. The garden has to be larger than 25 square feet. If the diameter of the garden is 10 cm, what is the... more
Circles Math Calculus


Prove that the two circles shown below are similar.

Prove that the two circles shown below are similar.Circle X is shown with a center at negative 2, 8 and a radius of 6. Circle Y is shown with a center of 4, 2 and a radius of 3.


Circle Theorems

Anatoli is making a cement step for his patio in the shape of a sector of a circle. He has enough cement to fill an area of 3.6 square meters (m^2) such that the central angle is 1.2 radians. What... more
Circles Math Calculus


Where do I start?

Let A be the area of a circle with radius r. If dr/dt=3, find dA/dt when r=5.So I know to use the equation A=(pi)r^2 but, I don't know where to go from there. Do I plug in 5 for r and solve?
Circles Math Algebra 1


Find an equation of the circles:(there are 6 questions)

a)With center (0, 5); passes through (0, 0)b)Radius 4, tangent to x-axis; contain (–5,8)c)Center on line x=3, tangent y-axis at (0, 5)d)With center (–2, 0); passes through (2, 0)e)Radius 5, tangent... more
Circles Geometry Segments


How to find Chord from Arc Length and Sagitta

I am trying to find the formulas to solve the entirety of a circle segment but all I have are the arc length and the sagitta. From this can I solve for Θ or chord length? EX: I have a arc length of... more
Circles Geometry


Measurement of an arc

What is measurement of arc ABC where arc AB equals Y degrees, and arc BC = 1 1/2 X -Y degrees
Circles Geometry


How would I find the diameter of the second/larger marble?

2 marbles fit exactly, lengthwise, into a container. The smaller has a diameter of 4 cm and sits on the bottom of the jar. The larger marble sits next to the smaller one, touching both the smaller... more
Circles Math Geometry


Help... extra practice

What is ?
Circles Geometry


If the points (0,0), (2,0), (0,-2), and (k,-2) are concyclic then k=

Circles Geometry


How do I find the length of an arc with coordinates?

Circles Math Geometry


Circle diameter and revolution

A wheel of a compact car has a 25-inch diameter. The wheel of a pick up truck has 31-inch diameter. To the nearest inch, how much further does the pick up truck wheel travel in one revolution than... more
Circles Geometry


pizza problem s

The large pizza from pet’s has a diameter of 16 inches and costs $14.99 the large pizza at Gino’s is 18 inches in diameter and costs 16.49 which pizza costs more per area
Circles Math Geometry


Find the measure of arc length ab

A circle with a radius of 7 and a chord measure of 12.


Find the measure of arc length ab.

A circle with a radius of 8 and a chord measuring at 10.
Circles Math Geometry


FInd the measure of the segment

􏰀M has radius 4.From external point E,a tangent is drawn meeting 􏰀M at T. Line ET has length 1/3 the length of line EM. Find ET.


Circle question-Precalculus

A small radio transmitter broadcasts in a 44 mile radius. If you drive along a straight line from a city 49 miles north of the transmitter to a second city 61 miles east of the transmitter, during... more


Center (6,-5) passing through point (1,7)

Center (6,-5) passing through point (1,7)


Slope of line passing through origin and tangent to circle.

If a line passing through origin touches the circle x2 + y2 - 6x + 8y + 9 = 0, then its slope may be : (1)12/7(2)-12/7(3)24/7(4)-24/7
1 3 4 5 6 7

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