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How would I answer this proof on 5 lines?

prove that Q is the mid point of PR is PQ is equal to 17, QR is equal to 17, and Q is between P and R


Give a recursive definition of a language L_bad that does not contain either three 0s or three 1s in a row.

This assumes that ∑ = {0,1}For example,101101 ∈ Lbad011110∉ Lbad


Given: ab is congruent to db and eb is congruent to db. Prove angle D is congruent to angle A using a formal proof

Formal Proof that I need help with please answer quick I have a due date of today and cannot fail this please help whoever is out there


Prove that sin(2α) + sin(2θ) + sin(2pi- 2α-2θ)= 4sin(α)sin(θ)sin(pi-α-θ)

This was a question from my homework that I can't do at all!


Open ended, Math help Please!?

 below is an isosceles trapezoid. Diagonals and  intersect at point and _____ _____ _____ _____


Why is (a | b ) equivalent to a - (a & b) + b?

I was looking for a way to do a BITOR() with an Oracle database and came across a suggestion to just use BITAND() instead, replacing BITOR(a,b) with a + b - BITAND(a,b).I tested it by hand a few... more


Intro to Logic- Use Natural Deduction to prove Dist E

Hi everyone, Can someone please help me. I have to use natural deduction to prove Dist E for both 'or' and 'and'These are the two questions: 1: Dist E-Ex(Px v Qx) premiseConclusion: ExPx v ExQx2:... more


mathematical proof

Claim: If a(sub)n converges to A then (c+a(sub)n) converges to c+A


Is there a way to understand material implication without truth-tables?

I understand how, given the truth-functional definition of the conditional, any sentence of the formIf P then Q is truth-functionally equivalent to Either not-P or QOr, to put it symbolically:  P →... more


Invariant Subspaces

Show that if M:V-V is any other transformation such that L∘M=M∘L, that is they commute that for all k then we have that the subspaces Im(M) and Ker(M) are L-invariant


Given: Segment AC is congruent to segment AD, segment CB is congruent to segment DB. Prove: Segment AB bisects angle CAD

The triangle looks like this but it's not the question


Is the correlation b/w sample mean \bar{y_t} of students in state t with x_t being the av. SAT score in the state bigger/smaller than the correlation b/w \mu_t & x_t?

consider y_i=\mu_t+u_i where y is the college gpa of student i who grew up in state t(i), and the state-level latent mean mu_t(i) is uncorrelated with individual level error terms u_i. Is the... more


Fill in the blanks in the proofs ASAP!!

We are given that diagonals AC congruent to BD It can be stated that   because they are opposite sides of a parallelogram. By the Reflexive Property of Congruence, . Thus, ____1_____ by... more


For which positive integers k can a simple graph G = (V, E) be constructed such that: G has k vertexes, that is, |V| = k, G is bipartite, and its complement G is bipartite?

Basically, which number of k vertices can make the simple graph: bipartite AND its complement is bipartitePlease prove your answer is correct and list the positive k integers which this is valid :)


Graph Theory Question

Let G be an n-partite simple graph, the partite classes of which are {u1, v1}, {u2, v2}, . . . , {un, vn}. Assume that the sequence of degrees d(v1), d(u2), d(v2), . . . , d(un−1), d(vn−1), d(un),... more


Proofs that include congruent angles

Given: angle 3 is congruent to angle 2. Prove: angle 3 is congruent with angle 1


Two column proof

Given: ∆SVX ≈ ∆ UTX and line SV || line TUProof: VUTS is a parallelogramStatemente | Reason 1. ∆SVX ≈ ∆UTX | 5. Given 2. ____________ | 6. Given 3. ____________ | 7.... more



can someone please help!!!idk what it means..


Consider the function f(x) = x2 + 3x for x ∈ ℝ and 0 < x < 4. Prove that limx→2 f(x) = 10.

Consider the function f(x) = x2 + 3x for x ∈ ℝ and 0 < x < 4. Prove that limx→2 f(x) = 10.


how do you prove a parallelogram with given and proof statements

given and proof statements-given: <1 and <2 are supplementary; <2 and <3 are supplementary prove: PQRS is a parallelogram therom: same-side interior angles


Proof by the contradiction method

Proof by the contradiction method that there are no positive integer solutions to the Diophantine equation x^2-y^2=10


geometry proofs

Given: <DCA is congruent to <BCA, <B is congruent to <DProve: segment AB is congruent to segment AD
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