Elanora W.

asked • 08/02/21

I need help with this pls ASAP!!!

1)     State what animal you chose and what the minimum required square footage (area) is for the fenced enclosure (do not include dimensions, only the total required square footage). Your answer must include a minimum of 1 complete sentence. (1 point)

2)     Provide the width and length for 3 different possible configurations of your enclosure (different dimensions but same square footage). Draw a picture that represents a scaled version of the approximate shape of each configuration. For each of the three possible configurations show the calculation of the area using the dimensions you provided to ensure that it is providing the proper square footage AND calculate the perimeter for each, showing your work. (3 points)

3)     Circle the configuration in part 2 that requires the least amount of fencing to fence the perimeter of the enclosure. Describe in at least two complete sentences what you notice about the shape of this enclosure and how it compares to the other two, less optimal, configurations. (1 point)

4)     Based on your observations, do you believe that you can create another configuration that will be more optimal (use less fencing)? If so, determine the dimensions that will use the least amount of fencing. If you are sure that you found it in part 2, then state so, using at least one complete sentence that includes the dimensions and square footage. (1 point)

5)     Explain how you know that you have found the configuration that requires least amount of fencing. Your explanation must be at least one complete sentence and must reference the name of the shape that most accurately describes the space.  (1 point)

Philip P.

First, there is missing information - what animal did you choose and what are the required enclosure sizes? Second, the point values assigned to each question and your need for answers "ASAP!!!" make me think these may be test questions. Are they?


Elanora W.

I chose a cow and the minimum required enclosure size is 350 square feet. And it's not for a test, it's for an assignment that I'm having trouble completing


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