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Microsoft Word


Solve number prblem

the sum of two number is 108. Fourteen more than three times the smaller number is seven less than twice the larger number. what are the number
Microsoft Word


How to delete table but NOT table contents (in Microsoft Word)

I saw an explanation on how to delete contents from a table without deleting the table. However, I would like to do the exact opposite: I want to delete a table without deleting the text. I... more
Microsoft Word


Restrict only footer of Word documents

Is it possible to restrict only the footer of a Word document? All tutorials/forums I found so far are always restricting footer and header at once while I am interested in selectively restrict... more
Microsoft Word


Don’t know how to answer this question or show my work

A simple random sample of kitten toasters is to be taken to determine the mean operational lifetime in hours. Assume that the lifetimes are normally distributed with population standard deviation... more
Microsoft Word


Create a business broucher like on on MS word

Task-6 Open MS word and create a Business Letter and then flyer or broucher.A “Corporate Stripe” is a set of documents that have the company logo, fonts, and styles. This exercise allows you to... more
Microsoft Word Msword


How do I save a Word document in MSOffice 2016.

I recently upgraded from Word7 to MSOffice 2016. In Word7, I could simply save a document and it would be on my documents as a file. Now, when I try to save a document, I can't find it again.
Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Gantt Graph


Import Gantt chart from excel to word 2010

helloi have inserted the diagram and link it with the excelbut i want to have only the word filehow i can embed the chart without needing the external excel file?
Microsoft Word


How to copy the styles completely from one MS Word Document to another document?!

I actually want to copy the styles completely, let’s say I have some headings (heading 1, 2, 3,…etc) and paragraphs under each heading, let’s say that the paragraph under heading 1 is formatted to... more
Microsoft Word


Word problem math

what number make when 65 and double, four times?
Microsoft Word Algebra 1


samuel and riley had 104 stickers on all. after samuel gave away 20 stickers,riley had three times as many stickers as samuel. how many stickers did riley have?

samuel and riley had 104 stickers on all. after samuel gave away 20 stickers,riley had three times as many stickers as samuel. how many stickers did riley have?
Microsoft Word Dictionary Spell Check


Can I delete dictionary entries in Word?

You know how it is: Red sqiggly line under word, looks OK to me, click on "Add to Dictionary" -- sudden realisation, that's NOT how you spell it. Now what? Can I make things right again, or am I... more

Microsoft Word 2010 - Conditional Formatting?

Is there a way to apply conditional formatting to a table in Microsoft Word 2010, in much the same way that it is possible in Microsoft Excel?Thanks.
Microsoft Word Plugins Browser


Is there a Firefox plugin/extension for .doc files?

There are plugins to view PDF files in-browser, without downloading. Is there an equivalent for .doc/.docx files? I'm on a Mac, although Windows is fine too.
Microsoft Word Reference Book


Creating references that are bracketed numbers, not citation?

I am writing up a report in Microsoft Word and I need to include references. However, the style I am writing in requires that the references be written like:> ...which is why they decided to... more
Microsoft Word Colors Microsoft Word 2010


How to change the background color of a single page in Word 2010?

I can easily change the page color of every pages in my document thanks to the Page Layout Tab in the Ribbon, but I would like to change the color of a single page.Any idea about how to to this... more
Microsoft Word Hyperlink Shortcuts


Quickly insert an internal hyperlink in a Microsoft Word document?

When working on a word document having large number of bookmarks, inserting internal hyperlink using usual "Insert Hyperlink" dialog is laborious. You need to manually search for the bookmark in... more


How to find document variables in MS Word without using a Macro?

I have document with some document variables in and I'm trying to use those variables in the document. But since the variables are set by an external system (which is not well documented) I'm... more
Microsoft Word Word


How do you type the "less than" or "equal to" sign in MS Word?

Microsoft Word Microsoft Word 2013


Remove padding from table cells in Microsoft Word 2013?

I am working on a Word document written by someone else and am trying to remove some padding from table cells. - I right click on the table and go to 'Table Properties'. In the 'Row' table, I... more
Microsoft Word Colors Hyperlink


Select text except hyperlinks?

Sometimes, I would like to change the color of the text in a Word document without affecting the color of hyperlinks. If I simply press <kbd>CTRL</kbd>+<kbd>A</kbd> and... more
Microsoft Word Images


Easiest way to make multi-page images in Microsoft Word?

If you have a number of images that are too large to fit on one page in a Microsoft Word document - is there an easier way to embed them into the document than splitting them with an image editor?... more
Microsoft Word Openoffice Libreoffice


OpenOffice vs LibreOffice - what's the difference?

I'm considering switching from Microsoft Office (too expensive) to an open-source option.What's the difference between OpenOffice and LibreOffice?
Microsoft Word Templates


Apply template to an existing Word document file?

I have a bunch of really old system manuals that need to be updated, but I can't for the life of me imagine opening each one up and applying the styles, ensuring font remains same, size color,... more
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