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Microsoft Word


How can i erase the single line

How can i erase the single line on the next page of the table, i was trying to erase the single line only, but when i always trying to erase the single line of the next page because it has a... more
Microsoft Word


What is the fraction

 Koos spent 3/7 of his monthly pocket money during the first week. the following week he spends two-thirds of what he spent the previous week. The fraction of the pocket money that is still left
Microsoft Word


About Ms Word , shortcut keys

Which key we use for open new blank document
Microsoft Word


About Ms Word , and shortcut keys

Which shortcut key we use for select all in MS word ?
Microsoft Word


Word Question - for word spacing

This is the question: thebestskincondition,andtoadjusttoeveryone’slifestyleswithouthavingtheneedtokeeptestingdifferentproducts.What is the easy way to split the words without using space... more

What is Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook?

Document/docs .doc?Database/sheets .xls?Presentation/slides .ppt?Email application?These are known as what software?.
Microsoft Word


the word "cadence"

I have heard the word "cadence" used in the context of rocket launches. As in Launch cadence, meaning how frequently a rocket will be launched. The question I have is this: Is this usage correct... more
Microsoft Word Editing


Unsaved edit in word doc

I had a word document that I edited for the past 3 hours. I don’t have auto save or one drive. Is there any way I can get the edited version back because now I only have the original version please... more
Microsoft Word


Delting a single column in ms word

How do I delete a single cell along with the table structure(without deleting entire column or row)
Microsoft Word Justifying


Justifying Word 2013 Document

I have Word 2013 and just finished typing a 759 page manuscript for my book. Being new, I made a big mistake and justified the manuscript AFTER typing it which screwed up hundreds of lines. Many of... more
Microsoft Word


How can I restructure Word2019 so I can save files like I used to in Word2007?

I don't want to create a new system to name files so I can find them. I just want to use the old system I started with back when files could only have 8 characters.

Microsoft office final help

To change the size of a page in a Word document:Question 1 options: Home tab > Font group > Size Insert tab > Pages group > Size Design tab > Document Formatting group >... more
Microsoft Word


Solve number prblem

the sum of two number is 108. Fourteen more than three times the smaller number is seven less than twice the larger number. what are the number
Microsoft Word


How to delete table but NOT table contents (in Microsoft Word)

I saw an explanation on how to delete contents from a table without deleting the table. However, I would like to do the exact opposite: I want to delete a table without deleting the text. I... more
Microsoft Word


Restrict only footer of Word documents

Is it possible to restrict only the footer of a Word document? All tutorials/forums I found so far are always restricting footer and header at once while I am interested in selectively restrict... more
Microsoft Word


Don’t know how to answer this question or show my work

A simple random sample of kitten toasters is to be taken to determine the mean operational lifetime in hours. Assume that the lifetimes are normally distributed with population standard deviation... more
Microsoft Word


Create a business broucher like on Zameen.com on MS word

Task-6 Open MS word and create a Business Letter and then flyer or broucher.A “Corporate Stripe” is a set of documents that have the company logo, fonts, and styles. This exercise allows you to... more
Microsoft Word Msword


How do I save a Word document in MSOffice 2016.

I recently upgraded from Word7 to MSOffice 2016. In Word7, I could simply save a document and it would be on my documents as a file. Now, when I try to save a document, I can't find it again.


Import Gantt chart from excel to word 2010

helloi have inserted the diagram and link it with the excelbut i want to have only the word filehow i can embed the chart without needing the external excel file?
Microsoft Word


How to copy the styles completely from one MS Word Document to another document?!

I actually want to copy the styles completely, let’s say I have some headings (heading 1, 2, 3,…etc) and paragraphs under each heading, let’s say that the paragraph under heading 1 is formatted to... more
Microsoft Word


Word problem math

what number make when 65 and double, four times?
Microsoft Word Algebra 1


samuel and riley had 104 stickers on all. after samuel gave away 20 stickers,riley had three times as many stickers as samuel. how many stickers did riley have?

samuel and riley had 104 stickers on all. after samuel gave away 20 stickers,riley had three times as many stickers as samuel. how many stickers did riley have?
Microsoft Word Dictionary Spell Check


Can I delete dictionary entries in Word?

You know how it is: Red sqiggly line under word, looks OK to me, click on "Add to Dictionary" -- sudden realisation, that's NOT how you spell it. Now what? Can I make things right again, or am I... more

Microsoft Word 2010 - Conditional Formatting?

Is there a way to apply conditional formatting to a table in Microsoft Word 2010, in much the same way that it is possible in Microsoft Excel?Thanks.

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