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Ratio Math


What is the ratio of 14 and 4


Green Gold is made from gold and silver in the ratio 3:1.A green gold bracelet has the mass of 56g

(A)What is the mass of the gold?(B)Show how to check your answer in part A


i do not know the awnser

if someone had a paint mixture with 8 parts red and 12 parts blue what percent is red


Write the comparison below as a ratio in simplest form using a fraction, a colon (:), and the word to. ______ 15 dollars to 27 dollars ​

Write the comparison below as a ratio in simplest form using a fraction, a colon (:), and the word to.______ 15 dollars to 27 dollars​
Ratio Prealgebra


Whole ratio and part where whole is less than 50

A class includes both sixth graders and seventh graders. The ratio of sixth graders to the total number of students in the class is 3:8. There are 20 seventh graders in the class. How many... more


Ratio with added question.

The ratio of boys to girls playing basketball was 3 to 5. When 12 more boys joined the game, the number of boys playing was the same as the number of girls. How many children in all are now playing... more


Can ratios really be manipulated as fractions?

In high-school Maths, we were taught that it was possible to manipulate ratios as fractions. For example, $$ 1 : 7 = 3 : x \\\\ \\frac{1}{7} = \\frac{3}{x} \\\\ \\frac{x}{7} = 3\\\\ x = 3 \ imes... more

How to do this ratios problem without algebra?

Dinesh had some fiction and nonfiction books. The number of fiction was $4/9$ of the total number of books. After he had donated $80$ fiction books and $25$ nonfiction books, there were $20\\%$ as... more


Factoring an equation by 15?

The heart muscle is supplied with nutrients and oxygen through the coronary vessels. The blood flow through the coronary vessels by more than a factor of 15 through the deposition of Plaques on the... more


If $\\frac{a}{b}=\\frac{x}{y}$, is $\\frac{x-a}{y-b}=\\frac{x}{y}$?

Does this hold? $b,y \ eq 0$, $b \ eq y$.


How to calculate a distance with different fraction ratios?

This is the math question for my sixth grader son. The answer is $136$ meters but could not figure it out. Can someone please explain how to solve it. Thank you. Adam first walks $3/8$th of a... more


Ratio and fraction, transfer of water from Container A to B.?

The ratio of the capacity of Container A to the capacity of Container B was 4:1. 2/9 of Container A was filled with water. If all the water in Container A is poured into the empty Container B, what... more


Combining ratios of quantities with different sizes?

A friend and I had two different answers to this seeming simple question. It goes as follows: Jar A contains flour and sugar in the ratio 5 : 1. Jar B, which is three times larger than Jar A,... more

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