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Ratios And Proportions Elementary Math


Word problems with ratios.

The ratio of girls to boys in the band was 9:8. Half of the boys left for practice which left 15 more girls than boys. How many students were in the band before the boys left?
Ratios And Proportions


Math on ratios and proportion

HiThis is the question.We just can't figure this one out.Tim and Sam saved some money in the ratio of 2:5. After they saved another $100 each, the ratio of their savings became 1:2. How much does... more
Ratios And Proportions


a bag of marbles has 25 marbles. jill and john are given marbles to the ratio of 2.3 how many marbles does jill get

this is a question for year 9 or grade 8 in america i think
Ratios And Proportions


How do I clear out or solve ratios with equations in the denominator?

Example 7/(4q+1)=14/(7-2q). My book says answer is q=1/2.
Ratios And Proportions Word Problems Money Math Conversions


A 3-gallon bottle of bleach costs $14.88. What is the price per cup?

i need to know the price per cup
Ratios And Proportions


An NFL team kicker misses 2 out of every 11 field goals. If he missed 8 field goals throughout the season, how many did he attempt?

An NFL team kicker misses 2 out of every 11 field goals. If he misses 8 filed goals throughout the season, how many did he attempt?
Ratios And Proportions


Word problem with a ratio

Your 3rd grade classroom has 32 boys and girls. two-thirds of the boys and three-fourths of the girls are going on a field trip. There are 9 children left. What is the ratio of boys and girls in... more
Ratios And Proportions


Landon owns a hybrid SUV that can travel 400 miles on a 15-gallon tank of gas. Determine how many miles he can travel on 6 gallons.

Uses ratio tables and scaling.
Ratios And Proportions Proportions Ratios Rates


Ratio Word Problem

The Eagles have won 40% of their games at one point in the season. They play 15 more games, winning 10 and losing 5. They have an exact 50-50 win-loss record at the end of the season. How many wins... more
Ratios And Proportions Ratios Ratio Mixtures


Please Help, I have a ratio problem I can't solve

An Arnold Palmer is a half lemonade, half iced tea mix. Maggie is trying to make herself an Arnold Palmer, but she likes hers to be 2/3 lemonade and 1/3 iced tea. She currently has a 22 oz of 50-50... more
Ratios And Proportions


How to increase $10 in ratio 2:3

What is the answer for the question that if you increase $10 in the ratio 2:3 will be what answer
Ratios And Proportions Ratios


Distance- rate- time

If Johnny rides five miles in 41 minutes, how many miles per hour is he riding?
Ratios And Proportions


Hummingbird food correction

plans to make 2 batches of hummingbird food.  using 2 cups of sugar to 4 cups of water.    ERROR Here’s the problem I in error brought 3 cups of water to a boil then added 7 cups of sugar. (This... more
Ratios And Proportions


At an air show there were 2 piper cub airplanes for every 3 hawks there were 36 hawks how many piper cubs were there

I need to find the ratio of how many piper cubs there were to hawks if there were 36 hawks 
Ratios And Proportions


if a 170 pound person weighs approximately 65 pounds on Mars, about how much does a 9,000 pound satellite weigh?

application of ratios
Ratios And Proportions


The bee hummingbird weigh 2g . The ostrich weigh 150kg. What percent is the mass of hummingbird is the mass of an ostrish?

ratio and proportion
Ratios And Proportions


Ratio from My pals are here page 101

Ms Sanjay had some red buttons and pink buttons in the ratio 1 : 3. She then bought 15 red and pink button each and the ratio became 2 : 5. How many pink buttons did she have at first.
Ratios And Proportions


A boat traveled 260 miles in 240 minutes. How fast was the boat traveling

Please give me a right answer please
Ratios And Proportions Math


Abdul split pounds of candy among people. What is the unit rate in pounds per person? Write your answer in simplest form.

I need help figuring out this question for my homework. It would be nice if someone could teach me. Thanks.
Ratios And Proportions


The perimeter of a rectangular field is 1400m and the ratio of the sides is 3:4. Find the area of the field

Plz help me solve
Ratios And Proportions


If 3 birds eat 3 lbs in 3 weeks, how many lbs do 12 birds eat in 12 weeks

if 2 birds eat 2 lbs in 2 weeks, 3 cats eat 3 lbs in 3 weeks, 4 dogs eat 4 lbs in 4 weeks, how many pounds of food is needed for 12 animals for 12 weeks
Ratios And Proportions


An ice cream factory makes 220 quarts of ice cream in 1p hours.How many quarts could be made in 48 hours. What was the rate per day

Ratios have different meanings to me and I want to practice so I can get one hundred on my test.
Ratios And Proportions


You are remodeling your bathroom and decide to install a tile floor. The bathroom is in the shape of a rectangle, and the floor measures 14 feet 8 inches long b

You are remodeling your bathroom and decide to install a tile floor. The bathroom is in the shape of a rectangle, and the floor measures 14 feet 8 inches long by 5 feet 6 inches wide. The tiles you... more

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