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Eqivalent Ratios

What ratios are not equal to 3/5
Ratio Geometry Maths


Two bottles are geometrically similar. The ratio of the areas of their bases is 1:4

Two bottles are geometrically similar. The ratio of the areas of their bases is 1:4.Write down the ratios of their height and volumes


A piece of wood with mass 1.8 kg is cut into two pieces in the ratio 2 : 3. The length of the longer piece is 1.8 m.

Complete these sentences.(a) The length of the shorter piece of wood is m.(b) The length of the original piece of wood was  m.(c) The mass of the original piece of wood was  g.(d) The rate of mass... more
Ratio Geometry


The perimeter and ration of the length to the width of a rectangle is given

Perimeter =220 inches l:w =13:9


share 125 in the ratio of 1:4

Ratio Geometry


A shipping company makes two sizes of boxes.The ratio of side lengths is 3:4

What is the ratio of perimeters?What is the ratio of the areas?What is the ratio of the surface areas?What is the ratio of the volume?


Ratio in mathematics

Angad and nick win some money and share it in the ratio 5:1 angad gets £60 more than nick how much did nick get


Using a scale on maps and plans

Abigay draws a plan of her bathroom floor. The bathes floor is a rectangle 3m by 4m . Abigay uses a scale of 1:20 what will the size of the plan be?
Ratio Algebra 2


If x:y 5:3 and x+y 56Work out the value of x+y


I’m having Trouble figuring out this question about ratios.

In a Cafeteria, The ratio of Girls to Boys is 4:3. when 4 girls leave, The Ratio of girls to boys is 11:9. How many girls were in the Cafeteria Originally?

Algebra Choir Ratio Problem.

The ratio of females to males in the choir is 7 to 4. If twelve males and three females are absent from a particular practice, the ratio of females and males is five to two. How many members of the... more


I am stuck with writing ratios as a fraction

My teacher gave me this question and said you need to understand these types of questions and I have no clue about this question.Dan gets pic 'n mix when at the cinema and makes his bag up with 3... more
Ratio Algebra 1


Work out the no of glow in the dark stickers

Emma buys a pack of 221 stickers. The ratio of furry to shiny stickers is 3:5, there are 32 fewer glow in the dark stickers than furry stickers. How many glow in the dark stickers are there?


The ratio boys to girls was 5:3. There were 42 girls. Find the number of boys.

Would love the help, don’t understand these kinds of problems.


An automobile assembly line finishes 3 cars every 2 hours.

1.How many cars are finished each hour?2.Determine approximately how long it takes to finish 1 car.3.If it takes 2 hours to finish 3 cars, how many hours does it take to finish..a) 6 cars? ... more


30 inches 7feet into fraction simplest form

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