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need answered asap please

A truck enters a highway driving 60 mph. A car enters the highway at the same place 5 minutes later and drives 69 mph in the same direction. From the time the car enters the​ highway, how long will... more
Rate Time Distance


Julie and Paul head out from their school traveling in opposite directions. Paul drives 30 mi/hr faster than Julie. After 3 hours, they are 240 miles apart.

What is the rate, time, and distance of each person. Also what is their individual rates per hour in mph.

Find the rate of change

given c(t) = e^(-0.06t)-e^(-0.44t), find the rate of change after 2h.At what time does the rate begin to decrease?


Solving a Distance, Rate, Time Problem Using a Linear Equation. Word Problem

Kaitlin drove to the mountains last weekend. There was heavy traffic on the way there, and the trip took 10 hours. When Kaitlin drove home, there was no traffic and the trip only took 7 hours. If... more


algebra 1 word problem. rate

at 9:00 on sunday morning, two bicyclists heading in opposite directions pass each other on a bicycle path. the bicyclist heading north is riding 7 km/hr faster than the bicyclist heading south. at... more


Calculus Study Guide Help:

I need help answering the following questions from my study guide: When a circular plate of metal is heated in an oven, its radius increases at a rate of 0.03 cm/min. At what rate is the plates... more

Interest rate problem

What interest rate compound monthly will yield an effective interest rate of 8%?


The air in a room with volume 180m^3

The air in a room with volume 180 m3 contains 0.45% carbon dioxide initially. Fresher air with only 0.05% carbon dioxide flows into the room at a rate of 2 m3/min and the mixed air flows out at the... more


My mom walks 5/6 of a yard every minute.what is my mom rate in yard per minute

My grandma walks 5/6 of a yard every 4/12 minute what is my grandma rate in yards per minute
Rate Time Distance


Word problem involving rate time and distance

A car in the bus sit out at 2 PM from the same point headed in the same direction the average speed of the car is 30 mph slower than twice the speed of the bus in 2 hours the car is 20 miles ahead... more

Rate of Change for the value of y

If y'(8)=1/12, how much would you think y would change between x=8 and x=8.12? (Hint: y' measures the rate of change of y per unit of change of x)I tried to use y2-y1/x2-x1 and set it equal to 1/12... more


Distance Rate and Time Problem

Joan left Durham with a speed of 47 mph. Sam also left at the same time in the opposite direction at a speed of 41 mph. Find how many hours Sam must travel for them to be 228 miles apart?NOTE: I... more


A clock was exactly on time at noon on Monday. At 8 P.M. on Tuesday it was 64 seconds slow. At that same rate, how much did it lose in 1/2 hour?

A clock was exactly on time at noon on Monday. At 8 P.M. on Tuesday it was 64 seconds slow. At that same rate, how much did it lose in 1/2 hour?


Word problem

Two cars traveled equal distances in different amounts of time. Car A traveled the distance in 2.4 h, and Car B traveled the distance in 4 h. Car A traveled 22 mph faster than Car B. How fast did... more


How long would it take to fill a 20L container in a rate of 83ml/s

Need some help I’m in year 8 and would like the working out to be as simple as possible for my year.


which of the following equations, when solved for t, gives the number of seconds Jean will take to catch up to Sula?

during their morning jog in the park, jean stops at a drinking fountain. Sula continues to jog and gets 10 meters ahead of jean. sula is jogging at a constant rate of 2 meters per second, and jean... more
Rate Math


A room has 300 feet of wall space to paint. Sam says it took her 10 minutes to paint 25 square feet. At this rate how many hours would it take Sam to paint?

Please help. dont rly understand and need to know! Thanks for helping out

f Rachael rides for 12 hours on a bicycle, what is her rate if she rides for 84 miles?

if Rachael rides for 12 hours on a bicycle, what is her rate if she rides for 84 miles?

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