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GRE Practice Question Incorrect?

This is a sample GRE question. The answer claims that we cannot make an inference due to insufficient information. > *Compare the following quantities:* > > Of the 25 people in Fran’s... more


What is the difference between a simple "fraction" and a "common fraction"?

I have read about a **common fraction** in this statement (written in a text book): > Ratio is the simplest form of a common fraction, in which the > numerator denotes the antecedent and the... more


Ratios as Fractions?

I’m having trouble understanding how fractions relate to ratios. A ratio like 3:5 isn’t directly related to the fraction 3/5, is it? I see how that ratio could be expressed in terms of the two... more


Distance and speed of two people walking 100 miles?

This is for GRE math prep. Can you explain why the answer to this is 54? Five hours after Sasha began walking from A to B, a distance of 100 miles, Mario started walking along the same road from B... more


Simple ratio problem that I can't solve.?

One fifth of criminals are hard-core criminals. The hard-core criminals commit two-thirds of the criminal acts. What is the ratio of the number of criminal acts committed by the average hard-core... more


Fraction of ice cream sold?

At an ice cream parlour, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream were at an ratio of 5:7:8After 20% of chocolate, 1/3 of vanilla and some strawberry ice cream were sold. The amount of... more
Ratio Algebra 2


asking avout 3:1 ratio

if i barrow 10,000 how much do i pay back 30,000 or 40,000 someone plz answer


How many girls are in math class from 1:4 is there are 24 boys

The ratio of girls to boys in math class is 1:4. There are 24 boys in math class. How many girls are in math class?
Ratio Proportions


If 3 pounds of coffee make 225 cups,how many pounds of coffee is needed to make 300 cups of coffee ?

Decide whether the two variables are proportional.


Saffron and sam share a bag of 30 sweets in the ratio 3:2. How many sweets does each person get?

Please answer soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Balanced Seesaw Fulcrum

Jo weighs 65 lb and Tim weighs 78 lb. If Tim is seated 6 ft from the center of a balanced seesaw, how far is Jo seated from the center?
Ratio Algebra 1


Math Ratio P6 My Pals Are Here Page 103

Janice and Siti had some money in the ratio 2:3. After each of them spent $32 on a school bag, Janice had 3/5 as much money as Siti. How much money did Siti have in the end?
Ratio Math


Math ratio Primary 6

Bob had some blue balloons and green balloons in the ratio 4 : 5. He gave away 12 blue balloons and 12 green balloons. Then the ratio of the number of blue balloons to the number of green balloons... more
Ratio Algebra 1


Counters conundrum

Amir has 240 more counters than Brett.Amir gives 25% of his counters to Brett.Brett now gives 60% of the counters he now has back to Amir.in the end Amir had 300 counters more than Brett.How many... more


Jacob and Ethan share a reward of 126$ in a ratio of 3:4. How much does Ethan get?

Please it is for a homework

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