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S†atistics: Proportion

At Cityville High School, 36% of the students participate in sports, 36% of the students participate in academic clubs, and 13% of the students participate in both sports and academic clubs.Find... more


how tall is the tree

Phil, Melissa,​ Noah, and Olivia saw a tall tree that cast a shadow 4242 feet long. They observed at the same time that a 55​-foot-tall person cast a shadow that was 10.510.5 feet long. How tall is... more


proportion question

Professor Schaben has a ratio of passing students to failing students of 5 to 4. One semester, she had a total of 216 students. Use a proportion to show many students passed and how many failed.... more


My mom walks 5/6 of a yard every minute.what is my mom rate in yard per minute

My grandma walks 5/6 of a yard every 4/12 minute what is my grandma rate in yards per minute


A car travelling at 30km/h complete a journey in 2 1/2 hour. How long will it take to complete the same journey if the speed is decreased to 20 km/ h

How to solve inverse proportion using average speed and distance. For primary 5 ratio and proportion



A piece of land is to be divided between two men in the ratio 5:9 what fraction of the second lose if the land is divided instead in ratio 9:5..


A. What percent of 90 is 3? B. 5% of what number is 10?

A. What percent of 90 is 3?   B. 5% of what number is 10?


Please help fast in solving this question.

If y is the mean proportion of x and z , then the mean proportion of (x2+y2) and (y2+z2) is Options: 1.xz+yz 2.xy-yx 3.xy+yz 4.yz-zx


If I have to read 367 pages in 21 days how many pages will I have to read in a day



Scales and Diagram

When making a photocopy of a 10 cm by 15 cm photograph, Elizabeth enlarged the picture by a scale factor of 150%. By what percent was the area of the photograph enlarged?


Confidence Intervals

In a Harris Poll of 412 HR professionals, 85.3% said that the job applicants appearance is most important for a good impression. Construct a 94% Confidence Interval for the True population... more



Nuala drives to her grandma’s. She drives at 20 miles per hour . The journey takes 50 minutes. How long would the journey take if if Nuala drove at 40 miles per hour?


Please help, thanks!

If A is directly proportional to C and B is directly proportional to C, prove that each of the following is directly proportional to C.    a) A+B b) A–B c)√AB


some people want to comapre the proportion of high school boys that smoke cigarettes to the proportion of high school girls that smoke cigarettes.

some people want to comapre the proportion of high school boys that smoke cigarettes to the proportion of high school girls that smoke cigarettes. use the data below to test the claim that the... more


How much would you pay with the discount

You want to buy a coat listed at $54.50, but you can get a 15% off. How much would you pay with the discount


Too long but its here vvvvvv

A skydiver jumps out of an airplane. After0.8 second, she has fallen 100 feet. After 3.1 seconds, she has fallen500 feet. Emtiaz says that the skydiver should fall about 187.5 feet in1.5 seconds.... more


set up a proportion and solve

a) One gallon is equivalent to 3.78541 liters. If a fish tank holds 10.2 gallons, how many liters will the tank hold? b) Jon A. Gold picked 4 more bushels of apples than Mac N. Tosh. If Jon picked... more


P-Value of of Propotion

A poll taken just prior today finds that 389 of 700 registered voters intend to vote for Jake Anderson for mayor. We want to test Ho: q=0.5 where q represents the proportion of all voters who... more


If Sue makes 12 cookies and the recipe calls for 2/5 cups of sugar and 3 cups of flour for 12 cookies. How much sugar would she need for 36 cookies

12 cookies = 2/5 cups of sugar   36 cookies = 1 1/5 cups of sugar


what is the answer to the proportion 25/60=s/12

I really need homework help on solving proportions(glencoe -pre algebra) 8th grade


3 partners inverst. 1 for $9,000, 1 for $7,000 and 1 for $4,000 Profits $4800.00 how much should each get proportionately?

Three people invest different amounts of money. The total profits are $4800.00. The first person invests $9,000, the second one invests $7,000 and the third person invests $4,000. How much less... more

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