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If there are 89.96 pesos in 2 dollars. How much is 12 dollars in pesos?

if there are  89.96 pesos in 2 dollars. how much is 12 dollars in peso?

Why the answer is 1:500 but not 1:250000

The actual area of a playground is 900m2.If the area of the playground on a map is 36 cm2,then the scale of the map is? i thought the answer is 36:900*100*100=1:250000 but is wrong


Find the total number of working days

To complete a job alone,A needs 12 days,B needs 18 days and C needs 24 days.Now,the job is carried out by A first for several days,and then by B for several days,and finally completed by C.The... more


express the ratio 15:5 in the form n:1

Give answer in the simplest form


A student finished 8 of her homework problems in class. If the ratio of problems she finished to problems she still had left was 4:1. How many Homework problems

A student finished eight of her homework problems in class is the ratio of problems she finished to problems she still had was 4:1 how many homework problems do you have in total


The ages of two persons are in the ratio 5:7. Eighteen years ago their ages were in the ratio 8:13. Find the no.

Its a question from 7th standard book


How much potassium does a sample have

The number the ratio of nitrogen to potassium in a sample of soil is 12 to 9 the sample has 36 units of nitrogen 


Splitting the bill.

There are three people moving into a house that they are financing for $1500 a month. All three people want to split the bill and all pay a portion of it. Let's say person 1 makes $40,000 a year,... more


What if their are 3 girls and 7 boys if their are 50 students how many boys are their?

This is for my homework


ratio problem sum

a sum of money is divided between peter,sam and kenneth in the ratio 5:2:7.   (a) if peter receives $24 more than sam, calculate how much kenneth receives


My understanding of fraction is that we are catering to part of a whole. Is that technically correct?

What i mean to ask is if a/b is the fraction a the numerator can take any value positive, negative or 0 whereas the denominator represented by b over here should always be positive as whole should... more


Ratio question

To make a ham sandwich I need I bread roll and two slices of ham. Pack of 20 bread rolls are £2.87 Pack of 30 ham slices are £6.32 I am going to have to buy enough packs to have exactly twice as... more


I’m stuck on a ratio question

a b c are all positive intergers  a:b= 5:6 b:c=8:9 work our the smallest value of a+b+c  
Ratio Math


Help with Ratio Problem Please

I saw this question on my formative task and want to know how to solve it.   in a group of people, their average age is 23. The men's average age is 25 and the women's average age is 22. Find the... more
Ratio Ratios


Ratio question

The scale on a map is 1:25000. How many kilometres on the ground is represented by 7cm on the map


The capacities of tanks A, B and C are 2, 3 and 6 litres, respectively......

The capacities of tanks A, B and C are 2, 3 and 6 litres, respectively. Tank A is half full of whiskey, tank B is 2/3rd empty, whereas tank C is empty. If the whiskey in the tanks is divided... more


The cost of tickets for a party of 16 adults and 24 children is $88. If a childs ticket cost two-thirds of that of an adult ticket, find the cost of an adult

Its to do with ratio and finding the cost of things. This question was given to us by my teacher and I cant seem to solve it yet.


3 quarters to 6 dollars refuced to lowest terms

im just confused how to figure this question outb

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