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solve x^2+2x-3=0 by completing the square

x^2 +2x -3 =0     solve by completing the square and then by quadratic formula

Please help!!

Find the zeros of each function by using the quadratic formula. F(x) = x2(squared) +10x+9 g(x) = 2x2(squared) +4x -12 h(x)= 3x2(squared)-3x+3/4 f(x)=... more

the length of a rectangular filter is 5 inches less than twice the width. Find the length and width of the filter if the area is 273 square inches

translate to quadratic equation and use the quadratic formula to solve

use the quadratic formula to solve the equation 2x^2+1=6x

 Use the  quadratic formula to solve the equation 2x ^ 2 + 1 = 6x Im not sure if the answer is 4,-3/2 I worked it out but they keep saying its wrong whats missing

5x2 - 2x - 4 = 0

can anyone help with the answer to this?  

Algebra 2: Finding real numbers

Find two real numbers whose sum is -9 and product is 24, or show that no such numbers exist.   I'm not sure how to calculate this. Thanks in advance for help!

Quadratic formula

3y^2-13y Please help me figure out the quadratic formula 

Quadratic equation

the width of a rectangular piece of cardboard is 8in less than its length. A square piece that measures 2in on each side is cut from each corner, then the sides are turned up to make a box with the... more

the area of a play ground is 96 sq yards. Find the dimensions.

The diagram shows the length as (x+5) and the width as (x+15

Solving Algebraic Fractions

Solve 3/x + 3/2x = 2   Please explain how to answer this question. Thank you :)

how to solve these three problems using the quadratic formula

x2+x-12=0   x2+3x-5=0   x2+4x+7=0

select the approximate values of x that are solutions to f(x)=0 where f(x)=4x^2 +7x+6

select the approximate values of x that are solutions to f(x)=0 where f(x)=4x^2 +7x+6

how to solve this problem using the quadratic formula


how to do both of these problems using the quadractic formula

x2+4x+7=0 And  x2+3x-5=0

how to work this problem using quadratic formula


how to work the problem step by step using quadratic formula


how to solve step by step using quadratic formula


how to solve this problem in steps


Determining height/width of rectangle

I've been given the perimeter and area of squares/rectangles.  I used the quadratic equation to find 2 values: =(P+-(sq.rt((P*P)-16A)))/4 (sorry, my keyboard has no carrot symbol).  Is there any... more

Solve for t when the object hits the ground. Fill in the blanks of the quadratic formula.

If an object is thrown vertically upward with an initial velocity of v, from an originial position of s, the height h at any time t is given by  h = -16t^2 +vt + s (where h and s are in ft, t is... more

Solve 2xsquared minus 8x plus 3 = 0

solve using quadratic formula

what is the role of a in the quadratic formula?

what is the role of 2 in the f(x)=2x2+ 4x + 2

Use 4r^2-28r=49 to answer problems

1. Solve by completing square 2. Use the discriminant to find the number of unique real solutions 3. Solve with quadratic formula

predicting x-intercepts

The graph of a quadratic function can have 0, 1 or 2 x-intercepts.How can you predict the number of x-intercepts without drawing the graph or (completely) solving an equation?
1 4 5 6 8 10

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