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Quadratic Formula


we are using the quadratic formula in class. Im just a bit confused how to apply it to word problems.

a firework is launched upward at an initial velocity of 116 feet per second from a cliff 300 feet above a beach. What is the height of the firework after 2 seconds? At what time(s) is the object... more
Quadratic Formula


What will the width of the mat be?

Jay has a photo that measures 10 cm by 15 cm. He wants to fix it to a mat, so that there is a border of uniform width around the photo. The mat and photo will have an area of 500 cm2. What should... more
Quadratic Formula Math Quadratic Equations


Math help with quadratic word problems

A rancher uses 200m of fencing to enclose two adjacent rectangular corrals, forming one large corral with a fence in the interior. Determine the dimensions that enclose a total area of 1400m
Quadratic Formula


Solving volume with quadratic formulas

the length of the rectangular piece of sheet metal is 3 in longer its width a square piece that measures 1 in on each side is cut from each corner then the sides are turned up to make a box with... more
Quadratic Formula Math Help


Is this a quadratic formula?

Is y=x^2 + 3x a quadratic formula? What are the qualities of a quadratic formula?
Quadratic Formula


A rocket is shot off on a projectile of h=−16t2+101t+15 where h is the height of the rocket after t seconds. At what time will the rocket hit the ground?

Solve using the quadratic formula, Round to the nearest tenth
Quadratic Formula


Solve with quadratic formula

the length of a rectangle exceeded twice its width by 3 inches. If the area is 10 square inches,.find the rectangle's dimensions. Round to the nearest tenth of an inch.

Problems leading to quadratic equations

The height of a right-angled triangle is 3 cm more than the width. The area is 10 cm2. Find the width of the triangle.
Quadratic Formula Quadratic Equations


x^2 = 11 - 4x , How do you answer this is in the quadratic formula?

Need Help!!
Quadratic Formula Quadratic Equations


2n^2 + 14 = 11n , How do you answer this in the quadratic formula?

Need Help!!
Quadratic Formula Algebra 1 Algebra Word Problem


An office supply store sells about 8 graphing calculators per month for $120 each. (cont. in description)

For each $6 decrease in price, the store expects to sell eight more calculators.The revenue from calculator sales is given by the function R(n) = (unit price)(units sold), or R(n) = (120 - 6n)(80 +... more
Quadratic Formula Algebra 2 Algebra Equations


Solve with quadratic formula..7x^2 - 10x - 1 = 0?

7x2 - 10x - 1 = 0
Quadratic Formula Algebra 2 Algebra Equations


x^2 - 2x + 9 = 0...find the discriminant & determine types of solutions?

x2 - 2x + 9 = 0   A.)Find discriminant & determine types of solutions B.)Solve with with quadratic formula
Quadratic Formula Algebra 1 Algebra 2 Algebra


Solving equations with quadratic formula? 8n^2 + 4n - 16 = -n^2

8n2 + 4n - 16 = -n2
Quadratic Formula


solve using quadratic formula

A stone is thrown upward at a velocity of 32 ft./s from a mountain 240 feet high when will the stone hit the ground

Why is this required for finding zeros in Polynomials

I believe this question is very simple, I just would like to know why in this specific example (2x3+2x2-19x+20=0) once I am done plugging in the trinomial into the quadratic formula and get 6 +- 2i... more
Quadratic Formula Math Algebra Quadratic Equations


Quadratic equations

The question is written like this:   The width of a rectangle is (x+2) cm. The perimeter of the rectangle is 6(x+1) cm. The area of the rectangle is 18 cm2. Show that 2x2+5x-16=0.   What is the... more
Quadratic Formula Quadratic Equations


A natural number when subtracted from 28, becomes equal to 160 times its reciprocal. Find the number.

i don't how to solve the question.can u please help me. i want the answer..  


Find all real roots of the given polynomials, using the quadratic formula if necessary. Then write the polynomial in factored form.

a) f(x) = x3 − 5x2 + 2x + 12   b) g(x) = 4x3 − 6x2 + 1
Quadratic Formula


the area of a rectangle is 20 cm^2. The lenght is 8 more than the width. Find the width in cm.

Solve using Quadratic equation 
Quadratic Formula Math Parabolas Graphing


How do find the equation of the parabola given the vertex, and both x intercepts?

I am trying to find a equation that would graph a parabola given the vertex and both x intercepts. Can you please help? Thanks.
Quadratic Formula


I am trying to solve a math problem, but Im stuck!

 I know I have to use the quadratic formula, but not sure how to get started.  x=x0+v0t+(1/2)at^2, solve for t
Quadratic Formula


solve using quadratic formula




The square of a number (x^2), decreased by 6, is equal to 18 decreased by 5 times the number.   The numbers are _______ and _________.

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