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throwing a softball

Aida threw a softball that traveled along a path described by the parabola y= -x^2 + 10x, where y = the height of the softball in feet and x = the horizontal distance in feet that the ball has... more


Quadratic Equation Question

You throw a stone off a cliff 36 feet above the water. The height of the stone in terms of time in seconds is given by h(t)= -16t2+7t+36. At what time will the stone splash into the water?


An equation of a Parabola in the form of y=(x-h) squared + K

An equation of a Parabola in the form of y=(x-h)2+ K and passes through points (0,6) and (-3,21) Find Its equation?


Graphs of Quadratics

A student estimated based on the video that the ball left my hand 1.56 meters off the ground, and after 0.59 seconds the ball reached the maximum height of 3.26 meters.Use this information to find... more


Solving Quadratics by the Quadratic Formula

Damian the diver always dives into the deep abyss following the equation d=-5t2+10t+5, where d is the distances above the water (in meters) and t is the time (in seconds). How high is the diving... more


whats one parabola that can pass through both (15,10) and (0,8)

in vertex,standard,or factorized form


answer a, b and c

You will build a rectangular sheep pen next to a river. There is no need to build a fence along the river, so you only need to build three sides. You have a total of  feet of fence to use. Find the... more


applications of quadratics

A coin, thrown upward at time 𝑡=0 t = 0 from an office in the Empire State Building, has height in feet above the ground 𝑡 t seconds later given by h(t)=-16t^2+64t+960=-16(t-10)(t+6) From what... more


Find $C$ such that $x^2 - 47x - C = 0$ has integer roots, and further conditions?

Have been working on this for years. Need a system which proves that there exists a number $C$ which has certain properties. I will give a specific example, but am looking for a system which could... more


Finding quadratic equation

The braking distance of a car travelling at 100km/h is 40 metres. The formula for braking distance (d) in metres is d=kx2 where k is constant and x is speed in km/h. a) Find the value of k


Find three points given the equation 10x^2-26x=-12

Please help me and be descriptive on how you found points.


the length of a rectangle is 5 more than its width. The area of rectangle equals the area of a square whose side is 6. What are the dimensions of the rectangle

Quadratic word problems. I do not understand how to set up the problem or set it up in the right places


Quadratics question

A man kicks a soccer ball from 5metres from the goal line. The ball goes 15metres high and 38 metres far.Using either factored or vertex form. Find the equation of this quadratic. (Round to three... more


Finding b in a peculiar quadratic formula

So, the equation is described as:(x^2 -ax- 4) / (x + 1) = 0. The question states that there is one solution to the quadratic formula and is asking me to find the value of a (I wrote it as being b... more


New quadratics - dimensions question

By adding the same amount to its length and width, a contractor increased the area of a rectangular room by 165ft^2 to make it 17ft by 21ft. What were the original dimensions of the room? I'm... more


Find the dimensions of the triangle

triangle has an area of 68 ft sq. If the height of the triangle is 1 ft longer than twice the base, find the dimensions of the triangle. I think I’m setting it up wrong. I keep getting stuck.


quadratic equations

a recotangular field has a perimeter of 500m and an area of 14400m^2. Find the lengths of the sides.


solve the quadratic equation 3x²+x-5=0 give answers to two decimal places.

 This is just an equation which seams to have more than one ending answer maybe, but the answers need to also be to 2 decimal places.


we need to find the maximum revenue after increasing the price?

a concert is selling tickets. Their last concert sold 1000 tickets for $20 each. Market research suggests that for every $1 increase in price, 90 fewer people would come. By how much should they... more


Given x^3 + x^2 * y - 20 = 0 and y^3 + x * y^2 - 45 = 0 what is y?

It is given that x and y are positive real numbers.  


How to find he vertex from factored form

H= -5t(t-11) find the maximum height
1 3 4 5

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