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Quadratic Math Algebra Functions


The cost function for a telephone manufacturing plant is... Determine the following...

Question #1:The cost function for a telephone manufacturing plant is  and the revenue function is , where x is the number of telephones sold, in thousands.a) Determine the profit function for the... more


The graph shows a function f that is a parabola. Determine the following...

Question #1:The graph shows a function f that is a parabola.a) Determine the equation of f(x). b) Determine the equation(s) of . Question #2:Muhammad is disc shooting. The height of the disc, in... more
Quadratic Math Functions Graphing


A quadratic function has these characteristics: x = 1 is the equation for the axis of symmetry. x = –1 is an x-intercept. y = –4 is the minimum value. Determine the y-intercept of this parabola.

Question #1:A quadratic function has these characteristics:x = 1 is the equation for the axis of symmetry.x = –1 is an x-intercept.y = –4 is the minimum value.Determine the y-intercept of this... more
Quadratic Math Equations Linear


Quadratic or Linear?

I have two equations that I’m not sure if it’s quadratic or linear. 4x^2 + 2y = 4x^2 + x + yy = x(x - 3) - 2x(4 - x)Please help as much as possible
Quadratic Quadratic Equation


Two numbers when multiplied gives 144 and when added gives -25

Quadratic Math Precalculus



Let’s say we have access to planting 2 different crops, Watermelons and Grapes. We can find the revenue of a crop by the equation: R = (p0 + px)(n0 - nx) Where R is the revenue, p0 is the starting... more
Quadratic Math Algebra 2


Quadratic Word Problem

Layla is on top of a building. Kate look up to see her at an angle of elevation of 35 degrees, she is 200 ft away. Layla pick up a rock and throw it down at 60 ft/sec. If Kate is 6 ft tall, how... more
Quadratic Math Algebra 2


Quadratic Word Problem

A rectangular picture frame measures 20 cm by 30 cm. The picture frame has a uniform width around the picture. The area of the picture is to be equal to the area of the picture frame. What is the... more
Quadratic Math Geometry Algebra


You have 264ft of fencing to enclose a rectangular plot that boarders on a river. If you do not fence the side along the river find the length and width of the plot that will maximize the area

what is the function A(x) that calculates the area of of the rectangular plot with width x feet
Quadratic Algebra 1 Algebra 2


math help algebra 1 or 2

The cross section of television antenna dish is a parabola and the receiver is located at the focus, 5 feet above the vertex. A. find an equation for the cross section of the dish.( assume the... more
Quadratic Calculus Functions F(x)


If a quadratic function, has a turning point at (8,-6) then where would the function g(x) defined by g(x)=4f(x) have a turning point? Explain.

If a quadratic function, has a turning point at (8,-6) then where would the function g(x) defined by g(x)=4f(x) have a turning point? Explain.


Write a quadratic function with roots of -3 and 4 and f(6)=18


How do I know which numbers to enter for the smaller and larger value?

Fnd two x intercepts (smaller and larger x value) for the quadratic function f(x)=-x^2+2x+5


How do I write the standard form?

Given the vertex(1,-5) and the point (-1,11) write the standard form of the quadratic function whose graph is a parabola with those points.
Quadratic Math Algebra 1 Algebra


i need help with a math word problem

At the end of the school year, Rachel and Amber go to the roof of a 12-story building and throw their Algebra book of the edge. The equation of the pathway that each girl’s textbook takes is given... more


Find the value of k

Find the value of k if the roots of x2-4x-kx+49=0 are equal.
Quadratic Quadratic Equation


What is the quadratic equation with -4 and 3/2 as solutions

What is the quadratic equation with -4 and 3/2 as solutions


What is the equation of the quadratic if the vertex is (1,-1) and the y-intercept is (0,-1)

How do u work backwards in order to get the equation of the parabola.


Use the zero product property to solve them. (x+8)(2x-7)=0 (3x-5)(4x+1)=0 (x-12)(x-4)=0 (5x+2)(x+21)=0

Each equation is in factorized form. Use zero product property to solve.


Solving equations with quadratic formula? 8n^2 + 4n - 16 = -n^2

8n2 + 4n - 16 = -n2


The ball left my hand at 1.56 meters off the ground, after .59 seconds the ball reached the max. height of 3.26 meters. find the equation for h

Find the equation for h, after ,t ,seconds 

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