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What are its dimensions?

Someone installs 96 feet of electric fencing around a rectangular headquarters. If the headquarters covers 540 square feet, what are its dimensions? 

Quadratic Word problem

A toy rocket is launched form a 3m platform, at 8.2m/s. The height of the rocket is modelled by the equation h=-4.0t^2+8.1t+3 where h is the height, in metres, above the ground and t is the time,... more

What is this formula for in the mathematic point of view?

I have derived a formula and I wonder what formula is similar to this one in a mathematical point of view?   F = (X2 - Y2)/ (X - Y )2   Is there any formula that looks like this one and is used... more
Quadratic Formula Solving Equations


When will the object hit the ground after it is launched? Explain how you found your answer

An object is launched from the ground. The object’s height, in feet, can be described by the quadratic function h(t) = 80t – 16t2, where t is the time, in seconds, since the object was launched.
Quadratic Formula


Solve the equation x = 2 × 1 x + 1

Find a number that is exactly 1 more than 2 times its reciprocal. That is, solve the equation x = 2 × 1 x + 1.
Quadratic Formula


use quadratic formula to solve

Quadratic Formula


solving by the quadratic formula

In Algebra 1 I am given the following problem:   Solve by the quadratic formula: 5x - 1 = 2x2 Please help me.
Quadratic Formula Word Problem Quadratic Equations


Newspaper profit

A newspaper's profit is $20 per year for each of its 2,500 subscribers. Management estimates that the profit per subscriber will increase by 1¢ for each additional subscriber over the current... more

quadratic function (word problem)

A ball is thrown up in the air from the ground and follow the function h(t) = 50t - 4.90t2 where t is time in seconds. what is the total time the ball stays in the air.   I need help in answering... more
Quadratic Formula


I need help solving equation by use of quadratic formula 5a^2+4a=8

The answer I got from trying this was x=0.926649916142   I just wanted to double check this problem I really appreciate the help. 
Quadratic Formula Algebra 2 Problem Solving


Problem Solving-Quadratic Formula. Don't quite understand how to solve

In a shot put even, Jenna tosses her last shot from a position of about 6 feet above the ground with an initial vertical and horizontal velocity of 20 ft./s the height of the shot is modeled by the... more
Quadratic Formula Math Algebra Quadratic Equations


Really need help for this question! (URGENT)

The height, y metres, of an object projected directlyupwards from the grouncl can be modelled byy = 17t-5t^2, where t is the time in seconds after itleaves the ground. (iii) 1. 5 seconds after the... more


Dimensions of a Box

A rectangular shipping crate is in the form of a cube. The width is decreased by 2 m while thelength is increased by 2m and the height is increased by 3 m. The new crate has a volume of168 m^3.... more
Quadratic Formula


A boy rides a bike 8 miles. The trip would have taken 20 minutes less if he had ridden 2 miles per hour faster. Find his actual speed.

Algebraic question, possibly including the discriminant and/or quadratic formula, because this question was under the quadratic formula category.
Quadratic Formula


when do you know you cannot factor a quadratic relation, and know when exactly to use quadratic formula??

I know how to factor and how to use the quadratic formula... but however I can't seem to grasp, when to use quadratic formula. I mean when a relation cannot be factored, but how do you determine it... more
Quadratic Formula Algebra


z^2/3=z/2+5/6 Quadratic formula

(z^2)/3=z/3(z over 3)+5/6 (5 over 6).
Quadratic Formula Word Problem


Quadratic Formula 2 Part Question

The percent of U.S. households with high-speed internet h can be estimated by: h = -0.2n2 + 7.2n + 1.5 Where n is the number of years since 1990. A. Use the Quadratic Formula to determine when 20%... more
Quadratic Formula


A rectangle's length is 6 units greater than its width. Write an equation expressing the rectangle's area, A, as a function of w.

I dont understand this question :/  
Quadratic Formula Math


The length of a rectangle is 3” more than twice the width. The area of the rectangle is 150 in^2. Find the dimensions of the rectangle.

The length of a rectangle is 3” more than twice the width. The area of the rectangle is 150 in^2. Find the dimensions of the rectangle.      
Quadratic Formula Algebra 2


A triangular reflecting pool has a base of 6 feet and an altitude of 4 feet (continued)

It is decided to increase the size of the pool by extending the base and altitude each by x feet. Find x so that the new area of the pool is 24 square feet.   I am at a loss to start this... more


Use the quadratic formula to solve : 0.7x^2-4.2x-0.7=0

Use the quadratic formula to solve : 0.7x2-4.2x-0.7=0 The solution set is {_}
Quadratic Formula


Creating Quadratic Equations for area and finding x

A picture frame holds a 4-in. by 6-in. photograph. The frame adds a border x inches wide around three sides of the photo. On the fourth aide the frame forms a border that is 3x-0.5in wide. The... more
Quadratic Formula Quadratic Equations Discriminant


The length is 15ft longer than the width and enclosed an area covering 1350 square feet. What are the dimensions of the dog's play area?

The manager of a park enclosed an area for small dogs to play. He made the length 15ft longer than the width and enclosed an area covering 1350 square feet. What are the dimensions of the dog's... more
Quadratic Formula Quadratic Equations Discriminant


Will a baseball hit straight up with this velocity hit the roof of the Astrodome? Use the discriminant to explain your answer.

In the past, professional baseball was played at the Astrodome in Houston, Texas. The Astrodome has a maximum height of 63.4m. The height of a baseball t seconds after it is hit straight up in the... more
Quadratic Formula


write the formula for the descriminant (quadradic)


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