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quadratic formula

Select the approximate values of x that are solutions to f(x) = 0, where f(x)=-8x^2 +9x+5.   A. (-1.60,1.80) B. (-8,9) C. (-1.13,-0.63) D. (-0.41,1.53)


Find the value of the discriminant  describe the number and types of roots find the exact solutions bybusing the quadratic formula  

Use the quadratic formal to solve the equation

Use the quadratic formal to solve the equation (show all work)   (m-4)(3m-10)=3(m-2)+18  

how to use the quadratic formula

the problem 7x^2+123x-4

What is the solution using the quadratic formula to solve x^2-3x+9/4=0

What's the answer

What is f(x)?

I dont understand how to solve quadratic functions. I'm supposed to solve f(x)-x^2+2x-3 by completing the square  but whenever I try to search how to do these kind of problems, I never see a... more

Quadratic Equation Help

I'm solving a quadratic equation which is 2x^2-x-10=0 and I know that a=2 b=-1 and c=-10 ans with the problem put it into the formula which is -(-10 +- √ -1^2-4(2)(-10) and when I get my answer I... more

Solve the quadratic formula when a=5, b=12, and c=3 and also solve it with a=3, b=-5, and c=-9

I'm trying to solve the quadratic formula with these numbers, but my answers always ended up not being whole numbers. Can you solve it for me and tell me what you get? 


solve by factoring or using the quadratic formula.

How do you factor an equation like ax^2+bx+c if the a is negative and there is no c?

I know how to graph these kinds of equations with parabolas but cannot figure out how to find the factored, vertex, and standard forms of these equations.

63t2 - 38t - 5 = 0

use the quadratiic formula

what are the solutions to 1/x^2-4=6/x

how do you solve?

what is 3x^2+2x-16=0

we are supposed to use the quadratic formula to find.
1 4 5 6 7 8 10

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