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Factoring Polynomials Mathematics


Hi, anybody know how to factor these 2 and 5 terms, I tried to factor them but is these factorable?

a. 32n⁴-162m⁴b. 10(3x²+2y)² - 29(3x²+2y)-21
Factoring Polynomials Factoring Mathematics


Could somebody help me how to factor this one?

a. 6x²-32xy+10
Factoring Polynomials Algebra 2


Algebra 2 Honors Factoring Problem

Factor P(x) = x^4-6x^3+14^2-6x+13 into LINEAR factors given that 3+2i is a zero of P(x).
Factoring Polynomials Math Factoring Polynomials


The floor area of a COVID patient room is 160 square feet. If the length of the floor is four more than twice its width, then what are the dimensions of the floor of a patient’s room?

a. Represent the length and the width using variable x.b. Find the length and the width. Show a detailed flow of solution.
Factoring Polynomials


Math 2 factoring

What are two numbers that multiply to 15 and add to -8?
Factoring Polynomials Algebra 1


Factor the following expression: 6x+xz-60y-10yz

6x+xz-60y-10yz please give a detailed response
Factoring Polynomials Math Factoring Mathematics


Math Profit Functions

For a certain company, the cost function for producing x items is C(x)=50x+200 and the revenue function for selling x items is R(x)=−0.5(x−120)2+7,200. The maximum capacity of the company... more
Factoring Polynomials Precalculus College Algebra Math Help


Find all rational zeros of the polynomial. P(x) = 4x^4 − 13x^3 − 13x^2 + 52x − 12

Really stuck on this one:Find all rational zeros of the polynomial. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list. Enter all answers including repetitions.)P(x) = 4x4 − 13x3 − 13x2 + 52x − 12x =... more
Factoring Polynomials Algebra 2


Polynomial factoring/division

1. Suppose f and g are polynomials and that f(2)=4 and g(2)= -2. Find the remainder of each of the following when you divide each polynomial by x −2. a. 2f(x)+g(x)b. f^2(x)+(x-3)g(x)2. Consider... more
Factoring Polynomials Algebra


Factor by grouping

u3 - 5u2 - 3u + 15
Factoring Polynomials Algebra Factoring By Grouping


Factor by grouping

12x3 - 21x2 + 28x - 49
Factoring Polynomials Math Algebra Factoring


Finding unknown integers in a story problem (factoring)

The dimensions of a rectangular photograph are odd consecutive integers. The area of the photograph is 143 square inches. Find the lengths of each side.The sides are   and inches long.
Factoring Polynomials


Suppose that four times the square of number equals 20 times that number. What is the number

Factoring Polynomials Math Algebra 2 Polynomials


Steps to factoring polynomials

What would be the steps to factor this polynomial: (6x^3+24x^2-2x-8)/(x+4)
Factoring Polynomials Polynomial Equations


a polynomial equation has a zero at x = -2a, what would be one of its factors?

Factoring Polynomials Algebra 2 Highschool Math


how do I find the lengths of each side of a rectangular prism, if I'm only given a polynomial for the area?

I have an example question: The volume of a rectangular prism is 2x2 + 13x2 + 21x units3, what are the lengths of each side?I've tried but i just can't figure it out.
Factoring Polynomials Algebra 2 Quadratics Slide And Divide


What is the best method for factoring a quadratic?

Factoring Polynomials Math Algebra 1 Algebra 2


factoring polynomial

using the factors (3x + 2) & (x - 1), find the remaining factor(s) of f(x) = -6x4 + 23x3 - 12x2 - 11x + 6 and write polynomial in fully factored form.
Factoring Polynomials Math Algebra 1 Algebra 2


Factoring polynomial

Can't figure out how to solve this problem:using the factors (x+5) and (x+2), find the remaining factor(s) of f(x) = x3 + 6x2 + 3x - 10 and write the polynomials in fully factored form.
Factoring Polynomials


The product of the squares of two consecutive integers is 256036. Find the integers.

I need a walk through on the problem, please.
Factoring Polynomials Algebra 2


How do I factor the question 3x^2−5x+2?

I know the answer is (3x−2)(x−1), but I need to know how exactly to get that answer.
Factoring Polynomials


Factor Fully : x-d+(x-d)^2

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