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actorise a^2 - 4(b-c)^2

I need help with Factoring

I need some help with factoring of:-Quadratic Formula-Completing the square-Factoring cube rootsCan someone help me explain how to do these, and show an example of each one of these?

Factor the following

(x+3)raised to the -1/4 power -(x+3) raised to the -5/4

How to factor by grouping?

How would you go about factoring a polynomial such as x3+5x+15+3x2?

FInd expressions for the possible dimensions of the rectangular prism? V=3y^3+16y^2+5y

How do I solve this problem?

what is x^2 + x^3

am i on the right track here? Factorization

I need to confirm im on the right track here. please?3x3y3 - 3x2y2 ...............4=3x2y2 (xy-1/4)did i factorize this correctly? Please note its 3x2y2 over 4 in the second part of the problem

I need help on my homework with steps

19. A wooden door contains a rectangular window. The width of the window is ( ) x − 2 feet. The area of the window can be represented by X^2-3X+2 a. Write a binomial that represents the height of... more

Use long division to divide 6x^3+11x^2-19x+6

3x-2 is a factor of the equation.

factoring question

A smart-phone is thrown upwards from the top of a 336-foot building with an initial velocity of 64 feet per second. The height h of the smart-phone after t seconds is given by the quadratic... more

How do simply polynomials?

28w+12 a³b-3a²b 9m²-49 36x^5y³z-54xy² etc

How do you simplify a dividing polynomial?

Equation 8k3(cubed)+18k2(squared)-2k ➗-2k

if f(x^2+2)= x^4+10x^2+4, what is f(x^2-2)

if f(x2+2)= x4+10x2+4, what is f(x2-2)?

Factoring!! Need help!! FOIL not allowed. Question is 4x^2+38x +70. Full question in description!

Ok so I’m factoring, by using the x method and box method. I’m not allowed to use FOIL. The question is 4x^2+38x+70. So far I’ve found the GCF, which is 2. I’m not sure about the rule regarding... more

Factor Theorem.

given the x+2 and 3x-1 are factors of the expression 3x^3-10x^2+px+q, find the values of p and q. Hence, find the third factor of the expression.   I already found that p=-27 and q=10 but i don't... more

Please factor this:


A cubic polynomial function F has zeros

A cubic polynomial function F has zeros of {-3, 0, 2}. Which restriction of the domain of f will allow its inverse to be a function? A- x > -3B- X > 0C- x< 0D- x> 2

Completely factor: 8m3 + 64r3

Completely factor: 8m3 + 64r3a. (2m - 4r)(4m2 + 8mr + 16r2)b. (2m + 4r)(4m2 + 8mr + 16r2)   c. (2m + 4r)(4m2 - 8mr + 16r2) d. (2m - 4r)(4m2 - 8mr + 16r2)

Absolute value of F(x)

The function f(x) = | - 1/2 x | doesn't equalA- g(x)= |- 1/2 | |x|B- g(x)= | 1/2 x |C- g(x)= 1/2 |-x|D- g(x)= 1/2 x

If k is a zero of the polynomial function

If k is a zero of the polynomial function f(x)= ax4 – bx3 + cx2 – bx + a, then …… is also a zero of f1) k + 12) k – 1 3) 1/ k4) –k
1 3 4 5 6 7

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