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Zeros of polynomial functions

Factor f(x) into linear factors given that k is a zero of f(x):   1.)    f(x)=x^3+(13-3i)x^2+(40-39i)x-120i; k=3i     2.)   f(x)=x^4+3x^3-30x^2-124x-120; k=-2 (multiplicity 2)   3. Find a... more

This function is odd or even?

If x, -x ∈ the function of F. then 1/2 [f(x) - f(-x)] is always:1) Even2) Odd 3) Neither even nor odd 4) one-to-one

A cubic polynomial function F has zeros

A cubic polynomial function F has zeros of {-3, 0, 2}. Which restriction of the domain of f will allow its inverse to be a function? A- x > -3B- X > 0C- x< 0D- x> 2

If k is a zero of the polynomial function

If k is a zero of the polynomial function f(x)= ax4 – bx3 + cx2 – bx + a, then …… is also a zero of f1) k + 12) k – 1 3) 1/ k4) –k

Why is this required for finding zeros in Polynomials

I believe this question is very simple, I just would like to know why in this specific example (2x3+2x2-19x+20=0) once I am done plugging in the trinomial into the quadratic formula and get 6 +- 2i... more

find the real solution for each equation? find the remaining zeros of the polynomial?

3x^3+4x^2−7x+2=0   x^4+8x^3+6x^2−5x+14=0   a polynomial has real coefficients. the degree is 4. two zeros are i and 9+i. 

Zeros of a Polynomial Function

Determine all the real zeros of f(x)= x4-x3-5x2+3x+6    I'm not sure how this would be factored out, thank you in advance

Zeros & Multiplicities of Polynomial

Given the polynomial f(x)=-.0029(x+12)(x+5)2(x-9)3find the zeros and their corresponding multiplicities.I know that in order to find the zeros you must factor and set the equation equal to zero and... more

How do you find the roots/zeros of polynomials, with just the equation?

How do you find the roots of polynomial equations with highest powers of either 3 or 4. Step by step directions would helike please.   Well, i have tried those methods. I still cant find an... more

Zeros and functions

Find a polynomial of lowest degree with rational coefficents that has the given numbers as some of its zeros. The zeros are the square root of 3, and 5i Thanks!

polynomial with 3 being a zero

For the polynomial below, 3 is a zero.    h(x)=x3+3x2-16x-6   Express h(x) as a product of linear factors.

Find all the zeros for each polynomial : f(x)=x^7+x^6-x^5-x^4-x^3-x^2+x+1

possible zeros: total zeros: synthetic division: solving a quadratic (if necessary) answer (list the zeros and the factoted form of f(x) 

Find the followi points for f(x)=x^5+3x^3-10x^2+x+3

zeros(x-intercepts) local maximum global maximum local minimum global minumum

Given the function f(x)=x2+10x+24, the factors are...

This is the full question: Given the function f(x)=x2+10x+24, the factors are _____ and _____, which means that the zeroes of the function occur at _____ and ___.   I just have no clue how to go... more

types of zeros?

I am having trouble figuring out how to find the multiple types of zeros. I thought you just set the equation to 0 and go from there. I have a math problem that says: For the polynomial function... more

How do you factor and find the zeros for the polynomial 2x^5-18x^4+14x^3+186x^2-160x-600?

Please help with this and show all the steps. Thank you.

Find all the rational zeros

Formula: 3x^2 +2

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