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Quadratic Formula Algebra 2 College Algebra


help with using the quadratic formula

how do you use the quadratic formula to solve z^2+16z+54=0?
Quadratic Formula Math Algebra 1


what is the average cost

Average movie prices in the United States​ are, in​ general, lower than in other countries. It would cost ​$78.03 to buy three tickets in Japan plus two tickets in Switzerland. Three tickets in... more


Quadratic Functions

Last year the Sports Time Athletic Club charged $20 to participate in an aerobics class. Seventy people attended the classes. The club wants to increase the class price this year. They expect to... more
Quadratic Formula Algebra 2


(5,7) 2 units right 2 units down

I don't know what this would be
Quadratic Formula Algebra 2 Algebra


Finding quadratic in general form using vertex and two x intercepts.

Find the quadratic (in general form) that passes through these 3 points. The three points are the vertex, and two x intercepts. The vertex is (55, 24) and the two x intercepts are (0, 0) and (0,... more
Quadratic Formula Algebra 2 Quadratic Equation


Help me with math question pls!

If the point (-3,4) is the vertex point of the curve of a quadratic function f and -5 is a root of the equation f(x)=0 then the other root is ......But I need it with steps not only the final answer
Quadratic Formula Algebra 2


quadratic function

Determine the equation of the quadratic function with vertex (1,4) and passing through the point (−2,−5)y=
Quadratic Formula Algebra 2


x-intercepts of a quadratic function.

Consider the following x-intercepts of a quadratic function. (0, 0), (10, 0) (a) Find one quadratic function with the given x-intercepts whose graph opens upward and another equation whose graph... more
Quadratic Formula Algebra 1 Factoring


the product of two consecutive odd integers is 59 more than twice their sum.

Using the factoring method or the quadratic formula, How can I set up an equation and solve it to find the solutions.
Quadratic Formula Algebra 2


Use the quadratic formula to solve x^2+6x-7.

Show ALL work to receive FULL credit. Then describe the solution.
Quadratic Formula Calculus


Quadratic Function

I need help finding the equation in standard form of the parabola passing through the points (1,7)(2,2)(4, -32)
Quadratic Formula Algebra 2


Homework help plz.

Let . Find .
Quadratic Formula


Math homework help

Find all values of  such that . Give your answer as an interval.
Quadratic Formula Math Quadratic Equation


What is the difference in writing a quadratic equation?

The quadratic for the roots 3/7 and 10/3 is -21x2+79x-30.But is there a difference if it was written as 21x2-79x+30?
Quadratic Formula


Math for homework.

G(x)=4x^2+x+7 find g(2)

Quadratic Word Questions

A rock is thrown upward with a velocity of 15 meters per second from the top of a 34 meter high cliff, it misses the cliff on the way back down. When will the rock be 5 meters from the water,... more
Quadratic Formula Math Algebra 1


A gardener has 100metres of fencing to enclose two adjacent rectangular gardens. The gardener wants the enclosed area to be 350 square metres.

What dimensions should the gardener use to obtain this area?
Quadratic Formula


What two numbers are the product of 9 and the sum of -7

Quadratic Formula


Solve by using methods of factoring, the square root principle, or the quadratic formula. Round your answer to the nearest tenth.

Gerry plans to place a 27 foot ladder against the side of his house to clean his gutters. The bottom of the ladder will be 6 feet from the house. How far up the side of the house will the ladder... more
Quadratic Formula Calculus


Solve y^4 = y^2 - x^2 to obtain four separate implicit functions of the equation

Use the quadratic formula to solve the equation y4-y2+x2=0 for y2 in terms of x. Then take the square root of both sides to solve these two equations for y.I haven't done the quadratic equation in... more
Quadratic Formula Application


What are the dimensions of each side?

Lolo Anton has a rectangular garden 50 m and 25m. He wishes to increase the garden from all sides equally. The area of the garden will be increased by 400m2. By how much will each dimension be... more
Quadratic Formula


Sum of two numbers is 15 and their reciprocals is 5/18

Please solve my question quickly....

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