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Political Science English Vocabulary


Regarding Globalization

What is Globalization? How is Globalization made possible? What are the impacts of Globalization on communication?
Political Science


When was the Second Amendment last used to fight against the US government to protect people's freedom?

When was the Second Amendment last used to fight against the US government to protect people's freedom?


What is the difference between Communism and Anarchism?

Can anybody please explain me, in brief, the difference between Communists and Anarchists?


How does a shutdown end if an agreement is never reached?

The US government is shut down, due to disagreements between President and Congress on border security funding.Both sides are in an apparent stalemate. So my question is simply, what happens if... more
Political Science United States Europe Debt


Why is Greece's debt considered a problem but not US debt, which is much larger?

Greece's and other southern European countries' debt has been considered a problem since the 2008 crash, and austerity measures have been forced to the people.However the United States also have a... more
Political Science Taxes Economy Political Theory


What ethical (if any) or economical arguments are offered in defense of the inheritance tax?

Although I am normally quite supportive of higher taxation, I've never really felt comfortable with the inheritance tax. I see no reason why the government should tax the money a parent wishes to... more
Political Science Terminology Political Theory


What is the difference between negative rights and positive rights?

What's the difference between negative rights and positive rights? Can negative rights co-exist? Can positive rights co-exist? Can negative rights co-exist with positive rights?
Political Science United States Foreign Policy


Why is the U.S. foreign ministry called the "State Department"?

What is the reasoning behind the somewhat odd and awkward naming of the U.S. Foreign Ministry as "State Department"? I get the department being the American equivalent of ministry but in what way... more
Political Science United States Congress


Why does the U.S.A. have separate legislative houses?

Why does the US have separate houses (House of Representatives and Senate) to form congress?(Put another way, what is the reasoning behind a bicameral legislature in the USA?)


Why do the supreme court justices have a life term period?

The justices of the Supreme Court of the United States is composed by chief justices which have a life-term period on that position after they are "elected".I have always asked to myself why some... more
Political Science United States Supreme Court


Why is the debate on the composition of the U.S. Supreme Court so politicised?

Why is the debate on the composition of the United States Supreme Court so politicised?Many other countries, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, European Union, and others, have... more
Political Science Economics Economic Development


How do companies or business contribute to economic development?

Political Science Taxes United States


Why the odd tax bracket intervals in the Senate Tax reform bill?

The US Senate's recently adopted tax plan calls for seven tax brackets. Ignoring for the moment the tax rates attached to each bracket, it seems strange that the taxable income range for bracket 5... more
Political Science United States President


Why don't US presidents run in other elections after their term ends?

As an example, Barack Obama is quite young (15 years younger than his successor) and was extremely popular. So why doesn't he run for a seat in the Senate? This would theoretically allow him to... more
Political Science Economics Economic Development


How can international trade influence economic development?

Political Science Law United States Capitalism


Has anyone called for the elimination of limited liability?

One of the justifications that liberals make for the regulation and taxation of corporations is that corporations are by their very nature government-subsidized enterprises, because the government... more
Political Science Law Democracy Political Theory


What is the best definition of the Democratic State?

I would say the Democratic State is the organisation that applies a People's will towards the use of common resources (such as the territory of that People/State). This will has the form of a body... more


Why should I care about federal vs state rights?

The premise behind most arguments about Obamacare, and other programs is that it's a "Federal" vs "State" rights issue.I come from a corporate business background, and it seems to me that if enough... more


What are the contribution of political parties in enhance local democracy?

What are the contributions of political parties in enhance local democracy?


Does federalism lead to the separation of single states?

Federalism involves a great deal of **power sharing**, both at administrative and governmental levels. Federalism accepts the concept called '***right to self determination***' to varying degrees,... more
Political Science Ideology Communism Political Theory


Can communism be effective in a post scarcity economy?

Recently following the discussion by politicians in US elections of "getting jobs back", it seemed clear to me that this phase of losing jobs can't be stopped or even slowed: it's the natural and... more
Political Science American History Miliatry


In which year was the Continental Marines established?

Political Science Economics Economic Development


What is the secret to developing a successful economy?

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