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Which option strategy is the most conservative?

Between buying calls, selling covered called, selling naked calls, selling naked puts, buying puts, straddles, spreads, which strategy is the most conservative?
Political Science


What is the Capital of India

Political Science Social Studies


Advanced Placement Human Geography

Explain why the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea increases the importance ofseemingly insignificant territories in the ocean? What impacts could this have in the future?
Political Science


Both libel and slander are forms of speech which are protected by the Constitution.

Political Science


De jure segregation is discrimination established by laws.


Should the state revise the state constitution and make all cabinet officers in the plural executive appointed by the governor

Should the state revise the state constitution and make all cabinet officers in the plural executive appointed by the governor, subject to state senate approval such the Federal government where... more
Political Science Canada Pr Uk


Hypothesis for a paper on Electoral Systems

Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Michael and I am preparing a proposal for my paper on electoral systems. In my paper I would like to examine, which state, UK or Canda is more propne to move towards a... more
Political Science


Bush vs. Al Gore

Bush vs. Al Gore: Why was controversial? On what grounds and how it was decided?
Political Science


25. We refer to different perspectives from which international relations may be examined as

a. levels of analysis. b. locations. c. norms. d. theories. e. viewpoints.


Do political parties serve a purpose in the American political system, and if so what is it? If not, why do they not serve a purpose?

Do political parties serve a purpose in the American political system, and if so what is it? If not, why do they not serve a purpose?

Considering the similarities and differences between the Republican and Democratic parties, where might a budding third party find a constituency?

Historically, third parties have developed in American history when certain issues or constituencies have been ignored by the existing parties. Considering the similarities and differences between... more


Question about Political parties

Describe the factors that have contributed to the overall weakening of political parties in America. How are parties weaker? How do they remain important? What are the advantages of a political... more


Do you think the United States should employ more protectionism or less? Why ?

What do you think the end result would be
Political Science Government & Politics Health


Legalizing marijuana

Who decides if marijuana should be legalized or not ?
Political Science Ideology Political Theory


Did Plato's The Republic influence any of the 20th century's despotic regimes?

Did Plato's The Republic and the ideas presented in it have any practical influence on any of the 20th century's despotic regimes? The idea of despotism of the wisest, those that know better than... more
Political Science United States Election Voting


Are there cases of Democrats engaging in voter suppression?

Modern Republicans are often accused of trying to [suppress the right to vote](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voter_suppression_in_the_United_States) for minorities.Are there cases where the modern... more


Difference between the Scientific and Behavioral approach to International Relations?

As per my shallow research, IR literature and online content intermix Scientific and Behavioral Approach to International Relations. What exactly is the difference between the Scientific and... more
Political Science War Political Theory Geopolitics


Are there benefits to war?

There are obvious costs to war: loss of human life, destruction of property, disruption of people's lives, and much more. However, despite these costs wars continue to happen. I'm wondering what... more
Political Science United States United Nations Treaty


Why has the United States not signed and ratified the International Criminal Court?

The [International Criminal Court](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Criminal_Court) (ICC) treaty has been signed by [121... more
Political Science European History


What does this machiavelli quote mean?

“Severities should be dealt out all at once, so that their suddenness may give less offence. Benefits ought to be handed out drop-by-drop so they may be relished the more.”


In the USA, why is there still a government shutdown when Congress and the White House are controlled by the same party?

During the [United States federal government shutdown of 2018](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_federal_government_shutdown_of_2018), a single party commanded both the White House and a... more


How does Aristotle argue for his claim that all humans are essentially social/political?

In relation to Aristotle's books Politics 1 and 2, how can you argue that all humans are social or political beings and what can you argue against that? What kind of arguments can be brought up... more

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