Trinity C.

asked • 09/24/20

When might this "checking" be an advantage, and when might it be a disadvantage?

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Trinity C.

Yes. And im sorry i thought I typed the whole question here


Ashley R.

You can think about potential advantages or disadvantages by considering what those checks and balances actually do. With the 3 branches sharing powers, it makes it difficult for one branch to have too much power by itself. So, if the executive (President), legislative (Congress), or judicial (Supreme Court) had overwhelming power at the expense of the others, how might this be problematic? You can imagine what the consequences might be, for example, if a President could act without regard for Congress or the Courts, especially a President prone to authoritarianism, corruption, etc. On the other hand, in what ways might it actually be useful? This is a little less intuitive, but a lot of people complain that the government never gets anything done. It was designed that way. If you weakened those checks and balances, presumably, things could happen quicker (e.g. more laws passed).


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