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Political Science


What do liberals say about the notion of freedom?

Political Science Political Ideologies


1. Why has conservativism been criticized for being a “disposition” rather than being a political ideology?

if you could help me with this questions it would be great its for me and friends to find out the real reason because were all confused
Political Science Government & Politics


Candidates and parties trying to win elections have no choice but to ______.

A. ignore social groups that do not fully agree with those groups already in any given coalitionB. piece together coalitions out of the major social groups that constitute the raw material of... more
Political Science Government & Politics


Why is it important that the president can be first mover when it comes to certain political actions?

A. Congress is legally bound to follow the presidentB. Congress’s choices become politically limitedC. Executive actions are legally binding and irreversibleD. None of the above
Political Science Government & Politics


Which of the following is not one of the reasons power was centralized in a commander in chief via the Constitution?

A. The US was surrounded by antagonistic foreign powersB. The US was facing rebellions at homeC. The Framers wanted the government to be more responsive to threatsD. The Congress was overburdened... more
Political Science


Approach to civil right

there have been two approaches to civil rights. One could say a peaceful, gradual one that focuses on passing laws and winning cases in court. The other path could be one that includes direct... more
Political Science Government & Politics


What is called when districts are gerrymandered so that residents of a district live relatively close to one another?

A. Consolidation B. CondensingC. CompactnessD. Expansion
Political Science Government & Politics


What politician marked the return of the powerful Speaker of the House?

A. Nancy Pelosi B. Paul Ryan C. Newt Gingrich D. Dennis Hastert
Political Science Government & Politics


Which institution was designed to be the elected, insulated, advisory branch of government?

A. PresidencyB. SenateC. House of RepresentativesD. Judiciary



"Politics should govern science"Explain why? Give an argumental statement.


American government

1) _____________ in American politics refers to the fact that politicians are today further apart on the issues, less likely to find agreement, and concentrating around two conflicting or... more


How could a socialist agriculture policy look like?

Political Science International Relations


Comparative political system

In many societies, political competition is centred on identities such as ethnicity and race rather than ideological or policy distinctions. Please provide at least three major explanations for why... more
Political Science International Relations


comparative politcs

In many societies, political competition is centered on identities, such as ethnicity and race, rather than ideological or policy distinctions. Please provide at least three major explanations for... more


Why did feudalism develop in Medieval Europe?

I only find short answers in Google, like the fall of Roman Empire or the difficulty for kings to control their kingdoms. Can someone please explain it in a story-way?PS: This is not a homework... more

Class & Inequality

Of the four theories of class (Marx, Weber, Bourdieu, and Mullings), which do you find most persuasive, and why?What do you think should be done to reduce inequality in American society?


Social Capital Theory

Social Capital TheoryIn your informed opinion, what you feel are the pros, cons, and general thought about it as a useful theory to develop an intervention on in order to address a health concern... more


Does hobbes accept the position of machiavelli that man is bad?

According to the Leviathan chap 13
Political Science


What are the negative impacts of the free trade between Canada and US on Canada's Foreign policy, independence and sovereignty?

Discuss the relationship of Canada to the U.S. Given the close economic integration that the free trade pact has promoted explore what challenges this poses to our sovereignty, foreign policy, and... more
Political Science Government & Politics


Electoral College Tie

If the electoral college results in a tie, and the house votes for Biden which I realize is unlikely and the senate votes for Pence...Is this possible?

UK political system

What kind of basic rights that British citiziens have similarly to Americans?

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