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Emmett D.

asked • 10/01/20

How Do You Make Corporate Rights/Contracts Enforceable?

My name is Emmett D. Decker. I've been wanting an answer to this question since about the 5th grade now. Even though I am now 16 years of age, no adults [Or Google] I have asked within that time frame knew the answer to my legal/business query. Then, an occurrence in 2017 fueled my obsession for an answer, and I finally have resorted to online asking websites due to the time the SARS-CoV2 pandemic has afforded me with. Hypothetically, let's say I have a significant economic stake in Corp X. If someone violates the rights that legal entity Corp-X has as a non-natural born legal person, how do I contract the government to enforce those rights? As an example provided, in 2017, an environmentalist named Clifford E. Lundgren sold CD's to Microsoft's operating systems and thus violated Microsoft's terms. The US government sentenced him to 15 months in federal prison. How did they do that and how can I have any violators I want arrested? How did "The Fed" know to arrest him if Microsoft has no partnership whatsoever with the public sector? Is the public/private partnership social connection based? That is, did C-Level employees of Microsoft go to a cocktail party with US politicians/diplomats of INTERPOL or is it a systematically based registration process? Or, did Microsoft bribe "The Fed" to make the arrest? If they did and "True Justice" doesn't really exist in the US or the world, how do you suppose I do any of these things if I own a significant economic interest/am the CEO of such Corp to protect my right to profit? As a 16 year old boy interested in the specific workings of human civilization, I'm asking because [to know my motives as a, "cold hearted future businessperson"] basically, I want nothing other than to prevent the self destruction of humanity, to become a billionaire entrepreneur, and to marry a sexy movie star that looks like Ray Dalio/Willem Dafoe [Or Tim Gunn].

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Alex S. answered • 10/01/20

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