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What is the best definition of the Democratic State?

I would say the Democratic State is the organisation that applies a People's will towards the use of common resources (such as the territory of that People/State). This will has the form of a body... more


Age-weighted democracy - is it possible?

A pure democracy gives equal voting rights for voters in the society regardless of their demographics (age, gender, or ethnicity). However, in many referendums, younger voters have a different... more


Why and how is the Vice President elected in U.S?

1. Why is the Vice President elected in the US? Why isn't he chosen by the President like any other secretary? Is there any important reason why the writers of the Constitution made that... more


What's my change power in a democratic society?

How can I, even in a small way, can fight against politicians who vote for the growth of their own wage or even the corruption? It seems we're in a well organized society and that everybody is... more


Why aren't authoritarian governments overthrown sooner?

On my point of view is pretty simple to overthrow an authoritarian government. You just have to gather a lot of people in the smallest area possible (where the leader is located). Further actions... more


Is it possible for an established democratic country to directly switch to a monarchy?

Say, a country has well-established democratic doctrines and principles. Is it **practically** possible for that country to directly switch to a monarchy? By practical, I mean the country must last... more


What are the minimum requirements for a system to be called democratic?

I think the title is very clear, but I'll complete the question below: 1. What are the minimum requirements needed for a system to be called democratic? 2. Is holding elections every *n*... more


Besides Magna Carta and general decentralization, what specifically led to democratization in England?

In England, the gradual weakening of the central government (starting with the Magna Carta), and the gradual rights given to nobility slowly pushed England to a democratic form of government. Yet... more


What is the role of Ministers and the Parliamentary Secretaries in Canada?

I need your help, I am looking to find more information or if someone can tell me more about What is the role of Ministers and the Parliamentary Secretaries in Canada? Look forward to your... more


need answer

What determines whether or not a particular country embarks on the road towards democracy, whether it completes that voyage successfully, and whether ot eventually consolidates democratic vaules,... more

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