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How should political actors wield power according to realists?

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How Do You Make Corporate Rights/Contracts Enforceable?

My name is Emmett D. Decker. I've been wanting an answer to this question since about the 5th grade now. Even though I am now 16 years of age, no adults [Or Google] I have asked within that time... more


If you had to define the poverty line, what would you expect people to be able to afford just above that line?

If you had to define the poverty line, what would you expect people to be able to afford just above that line? For those below that line, what programs should the government offer to improve... more
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Has the UK constution?

I am not pretty sure that the UK has now a constitution or not?

Is the American system inefficient? What did the founders intend to gain by sacrificing efficiency?

What impediments to efficiency were written into the Constitution and what were their intended purposes?


What are the fundamental differences between the Neorealist and Classical Realist approaches to international relations?

Answer with references to the some of the most important scholars in each of these respective schools of thought.


Explain authoritarianism and its key features. What are different forms of authoritarian regimes?

well i am working on assignment and i want answer of these question please help me its urgent
Political Science


Best ideology for politics

Which ideological perspective do you think provides the best perspective on basic political values?
Political Science


What are some of the important principles behind the Constitution. Discuss how separation of powers & checks and balances are organized in the Constitution & how they are suppose to work. answer bold

Textbook: ​We the People ​12th editionChapter 2 is an excellent overview of the manner by which America became an independent nation after being a colony of the British. Please pay special... more
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The American Parties

Dear Sir or Madam,I am a foreign student, who try to understand the US politics and laws. I do not understand the main 2 parties. Where they cam from? Where their logo came from? What are the main... more


When did Britain abandon absolute monarchy and when did voting start there?

I have seen many claims that they never had an absolute monarchy. But emperors like King William the Conqueror were absolute monarchies (Queen Elizabeth is his descendant). Was the Magna Carta the... more


Please give me a short explanation

Most police agencies' effectiveness are measured by how much crime is reported to the UCR. Briefly explain what the UCR data consists of. Then explain what the strengths and weaknesses of this... more
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Please give me a concept about your thinking in this issue.

Faced with the need to deliver risk ratings for your organization, you will have to substitute the organization’s risk preferences for your own. For, indeed, it is the organization’s risk tolerance... more


Election in the US

Dear Sir or Madam,I am a foreign student, who try to understand the US politics and laws.Now, I think that I understand the most of the politics here. But I am totally lost at the election... more
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the arab spring revolution

How important was the role of social media in the Arab Spring? using Social Constructivism to discuss the role of social media in the Arab Spring. In your response, focus on either Tunisia or Egypt.
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What are the roles of a firm’s public relations department?

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The Judicial Branch of the US Government

Dear Sir or Madam,I am a foreign student and I try to learn the US laws & politics. There aresome points which I do not understand or I am not sure that I understand that clearly.which is the... more
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What would victory in the "war on terror" look like?

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The US federalism

Dear Sir or Madam,I am a foreign student, who now learning the US federalism. There are some question which I do not that what the correct answer is.1)What the powers and responsibilities of each... more
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Was the Constitution made to protect the wealthy?

Charles Beard claims that the constitution's structures are more oriented towards protecting the class interest of elites rather than vindicating the promise of the preamble to "establish justice,... more

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