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Need Help With This Physics 3 Questions?

a. An object is placed 4.0 m away from a thin converging lens of focal length +1.0 m. The image formed by the lens is... more


Camera for Couple and Event Photography?

I have Nikon D5300 camera with two lenses ( 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G & 55-200mm f/4-5.6G), please let me know if my camera and lenses work for Couple and Event Photography? if not , what Camera and... more

Is it a bad idea to activate lens-corrections in camera, when also use lens-correction in Lightroom?

My EOS has the option to correct known lens-aberration which is activated at the moment.I use Lightroom (5.2) for post-processing, which can also correct lens-aberration.Is it a problem to activate... more

Do the Lightroom lens correction tools make good lenses less important?

Lightroom has Lens Correction tools such as Distortion, Vignetting, Chromatic Abberation, etc. depending on the brand and model of lens.Due to this feature, is it less relevant what the distortion... more


finding focal length.

Please be aware that you need to use centimeters instead of meters for the answer in this question. This is different than the practice test. If you build a telescope with a focal length of 6.33... more


Focal length question

A converging glass lens (index of refraction 1.63) has a focal length of 40 cm in air. Find its focal length when it is immersed in a liquid, which has an index of refraction 1.32.   The way I... more

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