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GIMP: Trying to move selected text layer but moves background layer?

I have a background overlay on which I have three text layers on top. Now I want to move these text layers around on the overlay, but I can't get it to work.As soon as I click inside the text layer... more


GIMP - change color of object preserving feathering?

I have an .xcf image and I like to change the color of some objects within it. The objects are mostly one solid color with the edges feathered into transparency. I.e. all pixels in the object are... more


Make image partially transparent in gimp?

I want my image to have 60% transparency. How can I do this in gimp?

Word to GIMP pasted image too small?

I paste an image from Microsoft Word 2010 into GIMP 2.6.10 using `Edit → Paste as → New Image`, but the pasted image is less than half-size (1280x800 down to 553x347). Pasting into an existing... more

Making the background of an image transparent in Gimp?

I have some jpg images and I need for each of them to have a transparent background.I have **GIMP** as a graphic tool. I need to put them in a web page and I need to see just the main element and... more

Issue with color profiles in grayscale images (compared to GIMP)?

X-Post https://www.reddit.com/r/Photoshop/comments/5v4zid/issue_with_color_profiles_in_grayscale_images/ (slightly edited) Hi everybody! I hope the language barrier will not be noticed (feel free... more

Is Adobe Photoshop worth the money?

I am starting to invest a little more money into my photography business. I've gone from a hobbyist to being asked to take professional shots, so I have the lights and other equipment. I'm... more
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GIMP inkscape not loading?

So I just downloaded GIMP inkscape on to my AGFA Photo tablet, and it comes up with    "Error: X server failed to launch.   This may happen because of SELinux, or because installation was... more

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