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Does it make sense to upgrade my set up to 4K from a (Canon) 70D set up?

I'm not very experienced, but I keep hearing, "it's a good time to upgrade to a 4K setup". This is quite expensive, especially at this stage, but does it make sense from a logistical point of view?... more

How to film a moving bike on a budget?

I have been tasked with filming a new road bike for casual cyclists. We have a rather low budget. Does anyone have any tips on how to deliver quality footage without spending too much money? I'm am... more

How can I replicate C-LOG in a Canon DSLR?

I shoot almost all my video footage on Canon DSLRs (APS-C sensors if this makes any difference). I know that true C-LOG isn't available on DSLRs and I've seen many sites that claim to sell "C-LOG"... more

Canon 6D Mark ii RAW preview on Mac not displaying?

Anyone else having this issue? The thumbnails/previews on my Mac for my RAW files (taken with my 6D Mark ii) are not displaying and are just showing the Photoshop/RAW icon... im assuming this is... more

Photoshop only prints in B&W on Pixma Pro 9000, MK2?

One week ago I purchased the Canon Pixma Pro 9000, mk2. Using photoshop, every print I printed, up to today, was breathtakingly beautiful in all sizes. 8x10,11x14,13x19's looked like you could... more

Indoor office pictures Canon 100D?

I took a number of pictures inside my office (without flash and with tripod) and depending on my position in respect to the large windows, picture luminosity varies a lot. Before publishing them,... more

T5i video quality doesn't even match smartphone camera? Where can I improve?

A friend wanted to make some professional looking videos for a weekly vlog type of thing for his church. We went into this planning to buy a better camera and lights etc as we go.We filmed a video... more

How do I determine focus points in Adobe Lightroom?

Not sure if this is possible or not in Adobe Lightroom. **I would like to see the focus points chosen by my Canon DSLR**. I am guessing this is stored somewhere in the EXIF, but I'm not certain. I... more

Canon C100 mk1 AVCHD vs MP4?

I recently bought a Canon C100 mk1 after lots of comparing, specs etc.Now I have a question which I cannot really find a final answer for on the interweb.The Canon C100 can record in either AVCHD... more

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