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Would you like to learn WordPress, Web Dev, Graphic Design, or Painting and Drawing?

Would you like to learn to create and manage a WordPress site?How about designing the site, UI/UX, or content creation and SEO?Would you like to learn Graphic Design and Adobe Creative Cloud... more


How do I add a page to Word press?


What type of platform is WordPress? and what are some of the capabilities you can do with WordPress?

When thinking about WordPress many people think it's just another website building platform and that can be far from the truth. WordPress does have many capabilities beyond just being used to build... more


System of Equation Word Problem

Amanda has two different tutoring rates.Rate A is a flat fee of $10 plus $10 per hour.Rate B is $12 per hour.What is the Least number of hours she must tutor to make more money using Rate B


How do I set up a website? How do I get a domain? Is wordpress hard to learn?

You can do this! You can jump into web design & web development if you set your mind to it and believe in your self. Just take IT Web Development/Web Design in little pieces. You will... more


Are you looking to start a career in web development?

I am familiar with full stack web development, front-end development, back-end development, WordPress, PHP, javaScript, HTML, CSS, plugins, API’s integrations, applications, database, SQL,

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