14 Answered Questions for the topic Image Processing


Where do I start learning about image processing and object recognition?

I'm interested in writing some basic computerized object recognition application, so I figure I need some theoretical background in image processing algorithms, along with some AI for decision... more


Windows application to emboss date on photos?

Looking for Windows application that will quickly and easily emboss a date onto JPG images (photographs), preferably obtained from the EXIF data. Being able to perform the function on a group... more


What is photo manipulation?


What are different types of image file formats?


Windows free program for batch watermarking files?

I'm publishing albums of photos on my blog and Facebook and I'd like to add watermarks to them. I've found tutorials for programs such as Gimp, but they require long manually applying procedure... more


Is it possible to detect blur, exposure, orientation of an image programmatically?

I need to sort a huge number of photos, and remove the blurry images (due to camera shake), the over/under exposed ones and detect whether the image was shot in the landscape or portrait... more


What is a histogram?


What's the Largest File Size that Photoshop CS 5.1 can Handle?

I'm building a large landscape montage using about 50 RAW images at 16Mb per image. I've successfully managed processing montages before that were 1.5 Gb but over the course of the few hours it... more


What is the difference between Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom?

I have been using Adobe Photoshop for years. I even use Illustrator for vector work from time to time. Then along came Adobe bridge and it seems to be an attempt at a better way to browse, sort,... more

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