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How and where, in the human brain, are memories stored?

Background: I am a computer programmer who is fascinated by artificial intelligence and artificial neural networks, and I am becoming more curious about how biological neural networks work. Context... more
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Knockout and knockdown of gene?

Out of curiosity, I got this question whether knocking out (deletion) of a gene on one side and knocking down (RNAi) of the same gene on the other side will affect the cell in a similar manner or... more


Enzyme Inhibition in relation to Aspirin?

I see that aspirin (in part) works by inhibiting cycloxygenase isoenzymes and that this inhibiting is irreversible. I've had a few classes mentioning this topic in passing, but never with depth.I... more
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Why is DNA antiparallel? Can it be parallel?

My biology textbook mentions that DNA is antiparallel and it got me wondering... Can DNA be parallel? What would happen if it was parallel? could DNA still replicate right?
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How are the boundaries of a gene determined?

What statistical processes and methods are used by geneticists/molecular biologists to know where one gene starts and one ends?


Redundancy of the genetic code?

One particular codon codes only for one amino acid, but an amino acid can be coded for by several different codons. Now according to the genetic code, the codon `UUU` codes for the amino acid... more
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What is an example of a GTP-binding protein?

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