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Do chaperone proteins misfold?

If molecular chaperone proteins assist in the folding process of other proteins and misfolded proteins, can chaperone themselves misfold since they are also proteins? What would happen if... more
Protein Folding Biochemistry


Why are proteins in the insoluble form when they are in frozen water?

Why would lowering the temperature of water change the intermolecular forces so much that proteins once soluble in water, become insoluble? I know freezing can create a crystal lattice, but I don't... more
Protein Folding Biochemistry Proteins


Is it possible to isolate and analyse intermediates of protein folding?

I would like to know if there is an assay which could allow us to analyse a protein before it has assumed its 3D functional form.While studying structural biology, I only came to know the forces... more
Protein Folding Biochemistry Proteins


Differences Between Protein Motifs and Protein Domains?

I am in a 300-level molecular biology class and am unclear about this concept and how to delineate motifs versus domains of proteins. Any suggestions would be much obliged.

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