Asked • 07/11/19

Can mutation rate be increased for instance by mutagenesis targeting the DNA polymerase?

I am studying a non-cultivable bacterium living in an insect host, and I would like to generate some random mutants of this bacteria while preserving the insect. I am wondering if one way to do so might be to use directed mutagenesis directed towards the bacterial polymerase, which would leads it to increase the error rate. - Does any one has already seen a study with this kind of approach? - Does any one knows or guess another way to obtain some random mutants of the bacteria while preserving the host insect?

Stephen P.

There are a number of mutagens you can choose from. I was a zebrafish researcher for quite some time and we used ENU (EthylNitrosoUrea) to generate random mutations. I have no idea if that will work in bacteria (should unless there are a lot of proteins blocking access to the mutagen sites. Be careful with what you choose, as a mutagen for bacteria may be a mutagen for humans, and you don't want to play the odds. hope this helped a bit. its not really that great an answer/ sjp


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