Daria K.

asked • 08/02/20

Intracellular signaling pathways that are participating in protein sorting and membrane traffic


I am studying biotechnology. Now I'm doing a course of Molecular biology of the Cell, and one of my tasks is to write an essay about "Intracellular signaling pathways". This essay topic is very broad, but my teacher restricted it to two chapters "Intracellular compartments and protein sorting" and "Membrane traffic". Well, now I don't know what to write, because, in my understanding, signaling pathways always mean the pathways in which, for example, GPCR and enzyme coupled receptors contribute.

I carefully read these chapters and perhaps came across something that I can catch on to and write an essay: GTPases of Ras superfamily, as Ran, Rab and ARF, also phosphoinositides which determine identity of membranes. Do these somehow belong to intracellular pathways, or am i totally wrong and need to find something else? If you have something in mind, can you give me a clue so I can catch a flow to write this quite interesting essay?

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Sarah P. answered • 08/02/20

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Daria K.

Hi! Thank you very much for your answer!


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