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The Presidential power over executive agencies is quite large in that he/she can fire the head of an executive agency at any time.  True FalseA bystander has a duty to assist a victim when a... more


What is America’s diffused model?

Is America's diffused model effective? Which aspect needs improvement?


What is the Parol Evidence Rule and how do I apply it on an essay?

The Parol Evidence Rule applies when the parties have executed a written contract and one party seeks to introduce evidence of an oral statement that relates to the contract terms. The Parol... more
Law Business


Buyer, Seller remedies with and without a warranty?

John whose factory is in Stewart Manor agrees to sell a stamping machine to Jennifer in Ketchum for $22,000 Free On-Board Stewart Manor. Jennifer explains to John that she requires a stamping... more

In the context of personal jurisdiction, what is the difference between "general jurisdiction" and "specific jurisdiction?"

Explain the difference between "general jurisdiction" and "specific jurisdiction."


Is it legally allowed to use an alias instead of your real name?

Hello there! I’m new to this whole socializing online kind of thing and I was wondering: is it safe to use your real name when creating an account? From a legal point of view, are you allowed to... more



Nita, aged 16, agreed to join the Studio X Dancing Club. She later represented the club in a dancing competition. Nita agreed to be bound by all of the club's rules and regulations. One of the... more


Tort law in business law today

-explain why you think the tort should be abolished.

Explain Supplemental Jurisdiction under 28 U.S.C. § 1367

Explain Supplemental Jurisdiction under 28 U.S.C. § 1367.

What is the "Black Letter Law" from Pennoyer v. Neff?

The basic rule of law from the United States Supreme Court's opinion n Pennoyer v. Neff.


Can I practice clinical psychology with a DWI felony in Washington?

I posses a DWI felony in Missouri and I am wanting to practice clinical psychology. Can I practice in Washington and/or Missouri? Which states might I be able to do this in?


Business Law Question - Relating to Contracts

Hello! I am taking an online business law class where I have a question that reads as follows:"In a transaction for the sale of an auto painting facility, Bright Auto Colors Company tells Custom... more


The Uniform Commercial Code does all of the following EXCEPT

allow the expansion of commercial practices.allow the expansion of commercial practices.clarify the law governing commercial transactions.standardize the law between jurisdictions.


All of the following Bill of Rights protections are related to property rights EXCEPT

equal protection.unreasonable searches and seizures.just compensation.freedom of speech.


What is the method traditionally used over the largest part of the United States to survey and classify land parcels before naming an owner, particularly in rural or undeveloped land?

A topographic surveyThe Public Land Survey SystemRecorded plat surveyMetes and bounds


Does refusing to settle before a lost case hurt appeal chances?

I am not asking for legal advice. If there was a party that was being sued and the plaintiff offered a settlement before trial in small claims that was 10% of what they were suing for and that... more


Disallowed Loss Question

This is something mentioned in my textbook, and it made me curious. If I sell property to a related party at a loss it's non-deductible, however if they later sell it at a gain I can deduct my... more


Does the Constitution require states to have legislatures?

I've always wondered what would happen if a state decided it was done with representative democracy and decided to go to go to direct democracy or some form of dictatorship by re-writing their... more

Has anyone called for the elimination of limited liability?

One of the justifications that liberals make for the regulation and taxation of corporations is that corporations are by their very nature government-subsidized enterprises, because the government... more

What is the best definition of the Democratic State?

I would say the Democratic State is the organisation that applies a People's will towards the use of common resources (such as the territory of that People/State). This will has the form of a body... more

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