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if the mothers drops child off to be watched by a friend and gives instruction for child to leave with no one can you refuse to let father pick the child up

Mother drops child off at babysitters. Can the father pick the child up without permission 

Where is the idea that a majority of the houses of Congress must agree to pass a law come from? Is it from part of the Constitution?

A majority in both houses must agree to pass a law for it to become a law, where is this stated?


when do Inmates and pre-trial detainees have some due process rights?

a. they are transferred to mental hospitals b. they are transferred from state to federal facilities whether mental hospitals or not. c. they have no rights to due process.


What is the main difference between NC courts and NJ courts?

I need to find a difference between the two court systems and I am having trouble finding a significant difference. 


True or false: The role of a corporation's governing board is to run the day-to-day operations of the company.

 The role of a corporation's governing board is to run the day-to-day operations of the company.
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The court probably held that?

Loeb & Company orally agreed with Schreiner, a farmer, for Schreiner to sell Loeb 150 bales of cotton, each weighing 480 pounds, at 34 cents per pound. Loeb sent Schreiner a letter confirming... more


What can I file for?

I have been currently unemployed for the whole 2013 year, and tax season is coming up here soon and I was wondering what I could file for? During the year I purchased a 2013 TDI Jetta, can I get... more


the Supremacy Clause

Compare the second clause of Article VI of the Constitution (the Supremacy Clause) with the 10th Amendment. Are all laws passed by the national government supreme over state law? If not, which ones... more
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