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Are Patent Disputes determined "In Equity" or "At Law"?

In earlier Wyzant "Ask an Expert" postings, some Law Students and Bar Applicants addressed whether Patent Disputes were governed by "Equitable Maxims". Has the game changed?

Stare Decisis and Precedence

There are many "Ask an Expert" posts on Stare Decisis. Where does "Precedence" fit?

Is the Tort of Battery the Tort of Assault

I am not asking for legal advice concerning any personal issues. I am studying Torts and observe that the Media (and their "Talking Heads") consistently (systematically and systemically) refer to... more


Good Sleep Habits are Critical

Many of my fellow Law School colleagues (and Attorneys that I know) state that they only need a few hours of sleep each night. How can that be?
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Constitutional Law (Free Speech): "Content Rich" & "Content Neutral" Speech

07-06-2020What is the difference between "content rich" and "content neutral" speech and which of the three balancing tests (strict scrutiny, intermediate scrutiny, and rational basis scrutiny)... more
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Law Essay Exam Skills

Many Law Professors and Commercial Bar Prep providers preach that Students and Applicants should not "assume facts" when answering essay exams. Is this Correct?
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Civil Procedure Hypo

James Walker is a resident of Baltimore, Maryland. He is a former employer of Johnson Electrical Co. of Baltimore. He was discharged from employment in 2016. He believes that his... more
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Which state has the hardest bar exam?

Bar Exam


Law School: Does law school prepare you to pass the bar exam?

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Why isn't the bar exam administered in steps?

Bar Exam


Which state has the easiest bar exam?

Bar Exam


Why does law school not prepare you for the bar exam?

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What does the bar exam cover that makes it so hard?

Bar Exam


What is a bar exam and what does it determine?

Bar Exam


Is the US bar passage rate higher for JDs or LLMs?

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