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What can I file for?

I have been currently unemployed for the whole 2013 year, and tax season is coming up here soon and I was wondering what I could file for? During the year I purchased a 2013 TDI Jetta, can I get anything back on the taxes on that or not? Can I file for all my sales tax like food, gas, ect. I have also been in school full time but using the GI bill, but can I file for the gas cost of me driving back and fourth every week, and if so would I have to have the receipt or just proof I have been in school and proof of my residency to show I have been driving from point a to b every week to school. I am not that good with taxes, can someone please help guide me to what I can claim and can't, or advise me to just have my girlfriend claim me as a dependent. Any suggestions would help very much cause I am struggling financially right now, no job and just living off of BAH.

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Your proof of school would be in a 1098 T which the school is required to give you by the end of the month at which you will get something back as part of the 1040 form. It phases out at some significant level of income but you may not have a problem with that. You can also have your girlfriend claim you as a dependent but you would need to check the rules about that--I think you have to be under 25 for that.


Would it matter if I was using a GI Bill or not? and Usually what is the average someone would get back for something like this
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 You should have filed for unemployment at the start of the period of unemployment. You could file now, but you may not get the whole benefit. If you had any income to report, then the amount will be deducted from the benefit.