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Pre Algerbra


Solving word problems

Dan has 142 dollars to spend on 6 books. after buying them he had 16 dollars. How much did each book cost?


How much does a pizza cost?

Casey orders 3 pizzas and 2 orders of breadsticks for a total of $29.50. Rachel orders 2 pizzas and 3 orders of breadsticks for a total of $23. How much does a pizza cost?
Pre Algerbra Math Fractions


about 4/5 of the weight of a pineapple is water. about how much water would you expect to find in 2 1/2 pounds of pineapple?

i need help on my math problem somebody please help i need help yes help
Pre Algerbra Math Equations


a car trvels 480km in 6 hours. How many km per hour does it travel

math algebra study guide help im in 7th grade pre algebra
Pre Algerbra


Mr. Stallworthy opened up a college savings account for his daughter at the local bank. He put $1,750 in the account, which pays 5 1/2% in yearly interest

How much will Mr. Stallworthy have earned in interest one year from now?   If he leaves his money and intrest in the bank for another year, how much intrest will he earn for the second year?... more
Pre Algerbra


stacy drives her car 246 miles in 6 hours.at this rate how far will she travelin10hours

 So i am working on ratios. word problems and solving. I need help on making sure I did the correct way on setting up the equation.


Jasmine bought two dozen roses for $31.20. How much did she pay per rose?

I have no idea what I am doing....................some please help me
Pre Algerbra


Cheerleader tryouts for math.

There are 62 Time slots for cheerleading tryouts on Saturday and sunday. Then are 14 more slots on Saturday than on Sunday. Find the number of Saturday time slots x and the number of Sunday time... more
Pre Algerbra Word Problems


What is the equation to solve this problem?

A tape costs $4 less than a CD. Oshkosh bought one CD and five tapes. If the total cost was $70, what was the price of the CD?
Pre Algerbra


jenny won 49 pieces of gum she gives 2 to each of her friends she only has 3 remaining how many friends does she have

jenny won 49 pieces of gum she gives 2 to each of her friends she only has 3 remaining.How many friends does she have?  
Pre Algerbra


The sum of three consecutive integers is -9. Find the integers.

I am trying t find ingtegers of numbers
Pre Algerbra


What is 2n/5 + (-n/6)

need help solving this problem


Temperature at 10 was 37. Dropped 2 every hour until 4:00. Rose 4 every hour after.

The temperature at 10:00 PM was 37 degrees Fahrenheit. If it dropped 2 degrees every hour until 4:00 AM and then rose 4 degrees each hour after that, what was the temperature at noon the next day?
Pre Algerbra Equations


Help me write and solve an equation, please?

You are a member of your local movie theater's club. Every time you see a move at the theater, you earn 2 advantage points. When you earn 100 points, you get a free movie pass. Currently you have... more
Pre Algerbra


Pre Algerbra word problem

Peter bought two shirts and a pair of jeans that cost $58 and Billy bought three shirts and a pair of jeans that cost $40. If they spent the same amount of money and each shirt cost the same... more
Pre Algerbra


what is the perimeter of a triangle with vertices (0,0),(2,4),and (5,1)

Thank you i really need help to solve this for my study guide i dont want to get it wrong on my exam  
Pre Algerbra


The sum of two numbers is 37. The greater number is 5 more than three times the lesser number. What is the lesser of the two numbers?

The sum of two numbers is 37. The greater number is 5 more than three times the lesser number. What is the lesser of the two numbers?
Pre Algerbra


Calculate the dimensions of the yard and determine the number posts of

The area of your square garden is 100 square yards. You plan on placing a fence post at each corner, and evenly space the posts so that the centers are 6 feet apart. Calculate the dimensions of the... more


How do I find the answer to vx+2=x-4

I know the answer is 7, but I can't count on trial and error, or luck , to help me on a test! What's the best method to finding the answer, especially since I need to show my work?
Pre Algerbra


write and solve an equation how many minutes were used in a month if the monthly bill is $16.99

A long-distance phone company charges $ 4.99 per month plus 10 cent per minute. 
Pre Algerbra


What is the width and length

The width of a rectangle is 5 meters less than its length, and the perimeter is 26 meters. Find the length and  width of the rectangle. 

Pre Algebra Word Problem!! HELP ME PLEASE!!!

You and your friend caught 36 sunfish in Lake Okeechobee. The number y of sunfish caught by your friend is 8 more than the number x of sunfish caught by you.   Write a system of linear equations... more
Pre Algerbra


how to do (6-c)+3(2c-7)=1

i dont know how to do it and its a project grade  

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