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Parabola Precalculus


Parabolic Question

During a New Year Celebration, a firework is projected vertically upwards at an angle of inclination and reaches a maximum height of 70m. The firework follows a parabolic path landing 21m from... more
Parabola Algebra 2


What is the equation of the parabola in intercept form?

X-intercept of -16 and -2; passes through (-18,72)
Parabola Math Algebra 2


Find the Quadratic function Y=Ax^2+C with the graph that has the given point (0,-3) and (1,-7)

The quadratic function I was told to find is missing the Bx term, making it just Y=Ax^2+C.
Parabola Trigonometry


Parabolic problem

An arch over an entrance is semicircular with an opening that is 5 feet wide. Write an equation that models that arch.


Help ASAP on quadratic transformations word problem please.

The height h (in feet) of an object dropped from a ledge after x seconds can be modeled by h(x)=−16x^2+4. The object is dropped again from a different starting height so that it hits the ground 2... more
Parabola Math Precalculus


equation of parabola if axis of symmetry x=-2; passes through (0,7)&(-3,-2)

we have to determine an equation with only the given information:- axis of symmetry is x = -2- passes through point (0,7)- passes through point (-3,-2)
Parabola Math Mathematics


How do I find the domain of a parabola?

specifically the equation y=0.0884x^{2}-0.5303x-2.2045
Parabola Algebra 2 Equations


Parabola in simplest form

What is the equation in standard form of a parabola whose focus is at (-3,-2) and whose directrix is x=1?
Parabola Math Algebra 1


Write a function in vertex form that models the surface of the bridge.

The surface of a pedestrian bridge forms a parabola. Let the surface at one side of the bridge be represented by  (4, 0)​  and the surface at the other side be represented by (8, 0)​ . The center... more
Parabola Math Algebra 1


Find the standard form given three points of a parabola

Find the standard form given three points of a parabola.(-6,0)(-4,0)(-3,-18)(I tried to use a system of equations, but I don't know how to solve it. This is what I did;f(x) = a(x - h)2 + k0 = a(-6... more
Parabola Math Algebra 1


Find the standard form given three points of a parabola.

Find the standard form given three points of a parabola. (-6,0)(-4,0)(-3,-18)


How do I find the axis of symmetry of a parabola from 2 symmetrical points?

I have 2 points, (3,-2) and (7,-2)
Parabola Algebra 2


Write the equation of a parabola

Write the equation of a parabola that opens down and has vertex (3,7)
Parabola Math Algebra


How do i find the equation of a parabola given 3 points and the axis of symmetry, but no vertex?

The points that I've been given are (0,0), (-4,0), (-5,-5) and the axis of symmetry is at x=-2. That is all the info that I've been given.


How do i graph this parabola

Graph the parabola (do not place any dots) then fill in the blanks about the vertex, any intercepts, the domain, and range. Enter intercepts as ordered pairs, aka points.y=−x2−10x−21I know all the... more


Sketch y = x2 – 2x - 3 assuming that A and B are lying on the imaginery line, the x-axis. Find the height from which the clown begins his journey along the highwire.

A clown is riding a single wheel cycle along a highwire from point A to point B. These two points are the same height, however as the clown cycles the highwire decreases in height to a minimum... more


Find an equation of the ellipse

Find an equation of the ellipse that has vertices (4, 2) & (-2, 2) and foci (3, 2) and (-1, 2)
Parabola Equations


Question is below. Thank you.

One type of generic mouth guard is made from plastic. It is wide and long, enabling you to cut ends off so that it does not extend past your back teeth. To shape it to your mouth, you put it into... more
Parabola Math Precalculus


Write the equation of the parabola in vertex from that has the following information:

Vertex: (2, -8) Directrix: x=3
Parabola Math Precalculus


Write an equation for each parabola

(a)vertex (2,-1)focus (2,-5)(b)focus (3,5)directrix x=0
Parabola Math Precalculus


I don't even know where to start

A bridge with a supporting parabolic arch spans 60 feet with a 30-ft wide road passing underneath the bridge. In order to have a minimum clearance of 16 feet at either edge of the roadway, what is... more
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