Michael H.

asked • 02/01/21

Josie wrote the function f(x)=(x-4)(x-3)(x+2) to model the graph below. Explain where Josie went wrong.


here is the graph given

Brenda D.

According the graph the x intercept are are not supported by Josie's function. If you set y or f(x)=0 you would get two positive x intercepts and one negative x intercept instead of the two negative and one positive x intercepts shown in the graph. Also Josie's function has a y intercept of (0,24) while it is hard to tell what increments are on the vertical axis; they look like they could be 5 or 25 but that would place the y intercept in the picture much higher than (0,24)


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Rupa M. answered • 02/01/21

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